Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners - A haven for hoover vacuum cleaners

Living in UK and thought of purchasing a vacuum cleaner but the choices for comparison were limited?
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners is a site targeting UK citizens with a compiled list of various brands and models of hover vacuum cleaners.

This site has a large variety of hover vacuum cleaners, from the types of bag used to the body types of the machine. Even rechargeable hoover vacuum cleaners are available.

The website provides best possible price as Amazon was chosen as their supplier and retailer.

They provide information about different types of hoover vacuum cleaners and its functionality.
For example, they stated that upright range vacuum cleaners acts as a general purpose vacuum cleaner. It is suitable for a number of different surfaces.

This site is an award winning website with cheapest prices guaranteed and it is updated hourly.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A Dell technician had contact me for the service of my laptop.
The irony is that my WiFi card now seems to be fine.
The problem persists until yesterday, and magically vanishes without a trace.

Hope the problem arises before the technician could some so that the problem could be properly diagnosed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WiFi Card ruined?

During a storm, I decided to shut down my laptop and the wireless modem so that they would be safe after some time.

After the storm, I switched on my laptop and the wireless modem but I could not connect to the internet. I tested the internet connection with a desktop connecting directly to the modem and found no fault with the modem. I restarted my laptop several times but it does not solve the problem. Tried reinstalling the driver of the wireless card does not work too.

I unplugged my laptop from my usual spot and placed it close to the desktop to try instructions from troubleshooting sites (Note that the desktop is close to the wireless modem). Weirdly the internet of my laptop works again! Then I bring my laptop back to the usual spot, and once again the internet does not work. Only then I  found out that the range of my wireless card somehow has been affected by the storm! 
The internet works only when my laptop is within 5 meters from the wireless modem!

I think the culprit of the damage is the storm, which somehow affected the electric current, partially fried my wireless card, reducing the range of the wifi to melee range!

Hope that Dell would send their technician to diagnose or replace the wireless card of my laptop so that I could surf freely.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Razer tracking system not working.. at all

I mentioned that I bought a pair of earphone with free shipping service. The service should include tracking where the processing, the shipping and the arrival of the product could be checked.

I checked the status of my earphones continuously for 3 days but the status displayed "processing". I emailed support to ask whether  it is normal to have long processing times and he informed me that products will take longer processing time as there are public holidays.

2 more days later the status is still shown as "processing".
I completely gave up on checking it's status.

2 days later, the door bell is rang and I saw a FedEx delivery man standing outside the gate and the product he delivers happens to be my earphones! I thought that the status in the tracking site has been updated but it still shows as "processing".
A day later, finally the status of the product changes from "processing" directly to "Completed" without going through processes such as "shipping" or "shipped".

Turns out that Razer has a branch in Singapore, and the processing took 4 days and the shipping took 2 days. I originally thought that the product would take more than a week as I thought that it would be shipping from US towards Malaysia!

Though their tracking system is inefficient, I still glad that my order arrived safely. Gotta post up its review soon!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Changed blog color template

I just changed my blog color template to a brighter one.
I used to think that a dark colored template would have a better effect as it does not strain the eyes as much as a bright colored template.

I have been hearing suggestions from people that I should use a brighter template.
Hence I retain the same template, but I altered the color codes to change those dark colors to a brighter ones.

Any comments on improvements or suggestions as to which colors I should use for any sections?

Edit: After receiving comments by Iocus Theoda, I decided to totally change my blog template, to a brighter one than the original color scheme, but still retaining part of the darkness. Thanks for the support Iocus Theoda!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Changed blog Url name!

A large number of automated sites (such as sites from [CENSORED] where responds from staffs are ultimately slow) does not approve of the URL "www.s---d.co.cc" url, as it contains "---" in it. This leads to a number of problems.

The new URL I changed to is www.shiphire-d.co.cc

Hope this resolves the problems in future!

Edit: Just noticed that this new URL has the google page rank of 0, and my old URL had earned 1 google rank... Such a waste.

My first time ever facial treatment.

Due to worsening face issue, I am forced to go for a facial treatment for the first time in my life.

It all started with an electric shaver. I was ordered to shave in order to look "cleaner" and shaving results in major acne problems. Some say that the shaver isn't well sterilized, some say that this is caused by razor burns which gives microorganism a chance to infect. Whatever is it, I am having a major problem now.

The same person who ordered me to shave ordered me to go facial treatment. I was forced to lie on the bed for 3 HOURS!! The process was hard and painful!
The "steaming" process and the "facial mask" process is the most memorable as both the "steaming" process and the "facial mask" process causes me to suffocate. "Steaming" releases water vapor around your face, breathing is hard as hot moist air is inhaled. "Facial mask" uses some sort of hardening cream which will harden after a period of time. The applied cream got stuck on my nose, and for the whole period of time (I think it is wither half an hour or so) I was trying to search for a way for me to breath smoothly.

They wanted me to attend another session after a week.
As other people said, beauty is pain!

Friday, November 27, 2009

1st online purchase in my life

Today, I purchased my first ever item over the internet from Razer!!
I used the money i earned from this blog since it started year ago, which income stopped two years ago (due to discrimination of my grammar?), LoL.

But the money I saved up in Paypal somehow is enough for Razer Moray+™ PAX mobile gaming communicator!

I had always wanted this item, but the shipping cost is almost identical to the cost of the product itself.
I received mail from Razer stating that orders within 48 hours will have its shipping fee waived!! I took this opportunity and buy this earphone as soon as possible. Its a gamble as I have not validated my paypal with a credit card. But paypal allows the transaction without much hassle! The transaction is done and now the product is being processed!

Not to mention that Razer Moray+ PAX mobile gaming communicator is a limited edition.

The unpacking of this purchase might be documented and posted on this blog! WOOHOO!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Excessive consumption of pork kidney leads to low sperm count.

Chinese article 吃猪腰进补 竟吃没了精子 (Excessive consumption of pork kidney leads to no sperm )

This article said that a person excessively consume pork kidney as it was rumored to "enhance" the health for a person wanting impregnation.

A couple wanting to have a child took pork kidney every day every meal through various cooking, but after 2 years, no impregnation happens. Hence the couple got worried and go for a check up. His wife turns out fine, but the problem lies on the male. Report shows that the male has very low sperm count, 1/5 lesser compared to normal human. After medication, the male went back for a follow up and it is known that the level of sperm is back to normal.

According to experts, pork kidney has high level of heavy metals, which has the potential to harm a preson.

Random article translation of health! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another step towards a Scientist

I finished up my thesis last month, and exam has just finished.
A presentation for the thesis is required to complete the research project.

Another step towards being a Scientist!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stress relieving show!!

Check out the Korean TV show under Infinity challenge (with English subs).

Its the best stress reliever I have found since half year ago, and its very ADDICTIVE!!
Lotsa crazy and funny stuff in this reality TV!!

Recommended for all age!!!

Resume blogging actively after exam?I

After this blog has not been active for about a year, the page rank "1" suddenly show up.

WOOHOO!! 1 pagerank!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


In my life there are so much events which I had encountered. But this kind of event is the first.

Day 1:

1800 hours - I planned a DOTA session at 0700 hours with 3 other people at 6p.m. They all agreed initially.

2200 hours - Received sms from 2 person, saying that they have things coming up, hence unable to join us. I sms to notice the last person that those 2 people has backed out from the plan, but the plan still goes on.

Day 2:

0000 hours - Slept now.

0600 hours - Woke up early to avoid traffic congestion and parking congestion.

0700 hours - Reached the destination.

0830 hours - Received sms from the last guy which I am waiting, saying that he slept late. And he doesn't seem bothered by it.

0900 hours - Due to low morality and lack of sleep, headache surfaced and mood is greatly disrupted. The late comer which seemingly joking on his sms with the "hahahaha" saw my face and got angry.

1100 hours - I HAVE to say that I am WRONG to show that face to him.

Lesson learned. Never plan any events, especially with peoples who you shouldn't trust on their timing and their words.

Imagine that I am having a birthday party in a buffet restaurant coming up next month.
(Imagination starts)
After paid for reservation and costs.

Calls coming in:
"I got plans that I forgot, Can't attend! Bye!"
"I have report /assignments due!"
"I forgot the date!"
"I have a date with Him!"

The worse possible excuse I am imagining is:

People might find this funny, but when you are the one exposed to this event, you won't.

Friday, August 14, 2009

First they came...

I have been browsing history about WWII this past weeks.
Here I share a poem I encountered.
This poem is cited from Wikipedia:
First They came...

First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me."

attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creepy message?

Today I received a very weird message on my phone.

It only states:"你慢慢会想到"
which means "you will gradually realize" in English.

I wonder what does it meant...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Removed chatbox

I've decided to remove the chat box, it contains lots of spam with links which I have no idea where it leads to, I only know that it is getting annoying with those spam messages.

Now my blog will seem more lifeless!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Research? First step?

Its been 1 week after exam has finished.

The research project has been briefed, and I need to start an introduction about the research on hand.

Woohoo!! 20 years old and 9 months old, I am involved in my first research (though it is insignificant).

Monday, June 8, 2009


Dell had informed that Alienware is available in Malaysia!

Though its only limited to 17 inch screen, and its price is god like.

Seems like I will have another choice of laptop when I gotta get a new laptop a few years later.

Alienware!!!!! Woo~ Shiny~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buzy mode activated

Exam in next month, still have assignments due!

Blog will be abandoned for at least a month, maybe forever, LoL.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nike Warehouse + Youthsays = "@#$%" ?

Been at the Nike Warehouse at 30th April, according to Youthsays, members are allowed to enter at 9.00a.m. or 9.30a.m., though they never did what they promised, not to mention me and my friends arrived half an hour earlier. We stood there like fools for 1 and a half hours, searching for shade under the hot climate, not to mention those heat waves these days.

Here I am going to say:" NICE JOB! YOUTHSAYS MANAGER!"

To hell with that.Figure 1. A chair on the gate, signaling that there are people inside doing their job but taking their own sweet time.

Figure 2. Well, it seems that they are prepared, once again taking their own sweet time briefing at the last minute.

Figure 3. Stressed by stander.

Figure 4. People waiting at 9.18 a.m., 18 minutes late after the promised special opening time.

Figure 5. Stressed blogger taking photo.

Figure 6. Warehouse finally opened, but there are not much choice here, even the store downstairs which sells several brands sell nicer Nike compared to this warehouse sales.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No privacy

Imagine life without privacy.

To hell with it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dell quality! @#$%!!

Its been months I had been feeling a jolt while i put my right elbow on the table touching the right corner of my laptop, and I felt a painful jolt..

Its been several times now, and I just got mad of it, wondering is it just my imagination or is there a flaw on the laptop.

Today, I was shocked once again, this time, I was at home, where several test pens were available. Used the 1st test pen, shown no sign of electric. Then I tried to put my elbow again, and got shocked again.. @#$%^

Decided to use a newer test pen, and this time, I've got positive result. The LED on the test pen light up in a faint orange light! This proves that the laptop is flawed.

I wonder could I sue them for poor quality control, and causing electrical injuries. Lets see what does the service reply on my email.

I also found that even when my DVD rom is closed, electric current could be detected too.

Figure 1. Test pen no touchy.

Figure 2. Test pen touchy.

Figure 3. Test pen touchy, DVD-rom closey.

After taking these photos, I found out that my exhaust also has an electric leakage! WTF is going on!!!

Figure 4. Test pen on freakin exhaust.

ONCE AGAIN!! After typing for this blog till the sentence above, I once again got shocked, this time its from the monitor!! This is getting SHIT!

Figure 5. Test pen on... FREAKIN MONITOR!! @#$%^ DELL 1520!!!

Assignment piled!

3 assignments piled into 1 week!!

Nice job, unit coordinators!
Listed on the laboratory manual "This week's practical was cancelled so that students could focus on their assignments.", dated at 29 April 2009, but the assignment was due at 27 April. Once again, nice job! Unit coordinators!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weird-slanged lecturer

There is one of the lecturer in my campus.
He has a weird slang, which could entertain you the whole period of lecture.

Weird slang #1
He pronounce google as "gugu".

Weird slang #2
He is a repeater of words.
Eg: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-how does the chemical be dangerous to the handler.

Weird slang #3
Monotone laughter with consistent length.

On the last semester, he is known as the mic blower among peoples. Such a legend.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Starcraft 2 April fool??

Check out the new unit Terra-tron!

It's a whole freaking base buildings got stacked together as an ULTIMATE unit!!
It's so hilarious that I doubt that it will come out in the real game, though I hope it did!

Starcraft finally has some "Ultimate weapon", LoL.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2/4/09 Obstacle cleared

At last I can relax for a little bit. For the past 3 days, I was staying late just to rush those 2 reports.
More reports were to come, but for now, its time out.

Its back to DOTA and Red Box time!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stress mode activated

High work load and close due date make a man goes dead.

Dog blast me!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random events

Yesterday, I suddenly has been elected as the editor for a certain club at its AGM.
Weirdly, only 3rd year and 1 junior attend the meeting for some reason.

99% of the posts was taken by 3rd year students, willing or not.
99% of the meeting was not serious, jokes happens almost every minute.

Its kinda fun though.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

(µr$3Ð 1901

Today is the 19th of the month.
1901 is having a promotion, selling cheap hot dogs today.
Went to queue up for more than an hour.
Just before my turn, the stock has been finished.

I wonder is it my luck, it is a bad choice to send me to do this kinda things when it involves luck, as I have none. Didn't seems to have "lucky" things happening in my life though.

I got irritated when I found out that there are no more hot dogs for sale. I then rallied up some people, and drove straight to Mc Donalds.

Never falter to cheap promotions which saves you only about MYR2 (Less than 1 pound or 1 USD) when it involves waiting in line for more than an hour. I rather have my dignity.

1 thing I can't understand is that they did not set up a limit for a person to buy.
People in front of the line are buying in 20s. |=|_|(|<1|\|6 1901 peoples doesn't know to set up a limit.

Lesson: Choose dignity over cheap promotions.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The beginning of the third week

Had enrolled a research course for the next semester.

People said that the research is hard, and cause tons of pressure. Hope that I could get through when that happens.

Things are not seems to be going well, the speed of the internet connection at home is so $|-|17 that I can't find any journals related to my major essay. Curse 57R34/\/\'/><.

Learning to use 1337 for minor censorship now, LoL~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

First week over

The first week is over, and my achievement? Nothing~
An assignment is announced, had a due date of 27 April, which is a Monday.

Though it seems long, I had read a supplied journal regarding of my topic, I got confused Just in the summary part.

Hope thing goes well and that I could handle the stress in the final year of my University life.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bad start loosening

Things are getting smoother after the first 3 days of resuming classes, and are starting to look well.
Though things are not as nice as expected, it still could be tolerated.

Hope nothing will come up suddenly and knockdown me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad start

The semester has started, and things are not looking well for me.

My privacy at home is at stake, wondering if there is a way to kick in some common sense to that person's brain.

Just hope that things would just leave me alone, that's what I've been wanting all there years. I might be a happy man if that happens.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dell is at it again!

This time, is my brother's turn to order a desktop, which has an estimated delivery time at 24 February 2009. He had me waited for it for the whole day, ended up with me discovering that they change the delivery time to 20 March at the last minute.

They kept doing this kinda things, seems that they want people to not buy their product. The time extended a WHOLE DAMN MONTH!!

Last time my laptop had the same delivery time changed, with an extra month. They claimed that they had a global outage of LCD screens. I wonder what do they ran out this time. Anything could be used as an excuse.

But again, the current status of the delivery is in shipping from factory. Maybe they will even use "Traffic congestion" as an excuse, LoL.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random drawing

Wasting some time, drawn a random picture, LoL~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toradora! とらドラ!

Random blogging about a nice anime which I like!

Genre: Comedy, Light Novel, Love-Romance, Novel, School Life

The site Fansub.tv is very informative, and its updated frequently.
Most of the anime I see, I get it from here though.

This anime is about a boy (which looks like his deceased yakuza father), met a violent girl, and somehow began to support each other since the best friend of the boy was liked by the violent girl, and vice verca.

Various events happens in this anime. Including sad/happy/humorous/touching events.
Its a nice anime to be watched.

Picture taken from source.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day again

Spend whole day in front of my laptop again!! Foo!!

Today is an unfortunate day though, broke a bottle of XO which is quite expensive. The worse thing is that it does not belong to me.

How unfortunate!!!!!~~
Single and unlucky, LoL~

Friday, February 13, 2009

CO.CC replied

I send a help file to CO.CC site, ended up that they has some technical issue.
They replied me in less than 5 hours, seems that this free service aren't as non-trustworthy as other free service now though, though errors might come out once in awhile.

Or maybe they thought that the address has been abandoned/inactive, hence they barred it.. Not a good idea, since my blog gets a minimum of 2 visitors per day.

Co.CC conspiracy?

My new blog URL has been unknowingly redirected to OpenDNS website.
The URL that has been hijacked is "www.s---d.co.cc".

Had changed back this blog's URL to the original one.
I wonder what are the admins of co.cc are doing maintaining their URL.

As other people says, free stuffs might not be reliable, and may threaten your blog.. Like mine yesterday.

Here is a screen shot of my blog being redirected to that site.

Hope that this is not purposely done by them so that they could get advertisement fee or revenue by redirecting other people's page to OpenDNS.

Monday, February 9, 2009

An old short idiom to share

I am not sure where I had heard this Chinese idiom which I thought it is quite true when it was used to describe humans.

Every human have 2 baskets (or NIKE bags if you prefer it..).
1 is hung on your front, and 1 on your back.
When you had performed an action which you think is good, you write a note and place it inside the basket on your front.
When you had performed an action which you is bad, you write a note and place it inside the basket on your back.

The overall meaning is that people often see what's good about themselves, and did not notice what's bad about themselves. Since the "bad basket" is hung on the back, other people could always see it and realize what bad deeds you had done.

Though there are also people who always looked behind, realizing what bad deeds they had done, and try to correct them.

I think that I'm one of those who look back. I realized what bad things I had done, and then try to overcome it by setting up some resolution, but in the end, I got fed up and ended up forgetting/ignoring them, which makes me just as bad as those which did not look back, LoL~

Saturday, February 7, 2009

10x lens for diamond inspection?

I've got one of these lens from my cousin (which is 20 years older than me) with a 10x zoom, LoL.

Now that I have a portable 10x lens, I will try to use it to observe lots of minute stuffs. When he handed me that lens, he let me try the lens on a few diamonds, to observe the clarity of them. Even though some impurities could be observed, they aren't visible to the naked eye. After all is said, they sure are shiny (and don't forgot that its extremely expensive), LoLoL~
Those diamonds costs a ton! I saw it ranges from MYR2,000 to MYR30,000!

Now that I have my own lens, I could also use it to observe mine...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Razer Diamondback 3G - Mine!!

I had got myself a Razer Diamondback 3G mouse!!
I had chosen Frost blue even though Earth Green are quite tempting.

The last mouse I had been using has always been a pain.
It spontaneously jump to corners of the screen. While I am playing FPS games, it causes the screen to go round and round.. In a high speed by the way. It causes most of the deaths while I am playing those games, LoLoL~

This mouse is cool, no distracting red beam under the mouse, and it illuminates a cool blue on the mouse wheel!

Kinda envious about Joe that he gor his Razer Krait for free from his friend..

My mouse costs MYR184! Its my first high precision mouse by the way.The box of Razer Diamondback 3G

The box features a window for the mouse for easy view when buying, and to check for minor damage.. Sweet!!

The mouse and its package of papers.

Razer Diamondback 3G... COOL!!

The only drawback is that it looks not so cool compared to other Razer mouse because the Razer logo is not illuminated: not suitable for show offs, LoLoL~

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fallout 3 Chinese stealth armor

I've finished Fallout: Anchorage in several hours, and gained a Chinese stealth armor. The armor is best used for sneaking, as it provides perfect cover while in sneaking mode. While in stealth mode, I tried to access my pip-boy, turns out that everything behind the pip boy gone stealth too. Here is a picture about it.

There are some things I don't like about the game though. The Chinese voice actor are a joke. Their pronunciation are crap, nothing spoken by them are right, and only some of the words are identifiable.. Felt kinda insulted too btw.

Tuesday 10 February edit:

It seems that there are a number of people visits my blog searching for Chinese stealth armor, think that I should write on how to get it . Its simple though, just finish the whole Anchorage simulation, you will then gain access to the sealed room which the outcasts wants you to open. The stealth armor is in the rack is on the left, close to the winterized armor.

Be warned though, after the sealed door is opened, a few seconds later, there will be a fight between outcasts. Careful about the minigun though, it might be fatal if careless.

Another note, I enter the simulation at level 3, when I came out, I am at level 7, LoLoL~~

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Malaysian internet connection


I had been trying to gain access to several websites, and the speed is just... @#$%%!!!

It takes more than 5 minutes to load a wikipedia page!!
What the hell are the maintenance people doing??

Maybe this is Malaysian quality control's quality~

Back to blogging

Its been a week since Chinese New Year.
Had been spending most of the time on grandparents' house.

Been wasting the rest of my time playing fallout 3, LoL. Character level 20 with multiple follower exploit, kinda crappy though.

Anyway, Happy Chinese new year.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Long gameplay lovers? This would interest you!

I am a game lover, though not skilled.
Played a number of FPS games recently, though most of them had short gameplay, finishes it within 2 days, LoL.

Games which I finishes within 2 days are:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: WWII
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Recently I'm playing Fallout 3. It has long gameplay. I had played it for almost a week, and I am nowhere near the ending I guess. Though it has TONS of BUGS. People in a certain town attack me when I am not doing anything, LoL.. Character got stucked in certain places, and etc.

Nevertheless it provides a long gameplay, which I strive for. If you can bear the bugs, this game is a go for you~.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cockroach encountered? Just @#$% it!

Ever find yourself facing with the dark shiny insect in the bathroom?
I did, numerous times, LoL~

Here is a random post on how to face it, LoL~ Though it is limited to peoples which will not scream their heads off and run out at a random direction.

Most bathroom have a toilet brush, used to wash the toilet bowl. The brush could be used as a weapon. If is easier to use compared to a rolled papers. It is harder, you can precisely target it, and it might spare you the step where you need to handle the cockroach to dispose of it, LoL~ When you use the brush, there are times where the cockroach will get stuck between the brush. If it did happen, knock it off into the toilet bowl, and let it has its watery death

You might need a side weapon, any detachable shower would be good. It will be used to flush the cockroach out if it reaches an inaccessible area for the brush, LoL~

The major drawback is that this method is only limited on bathrooms. If it ran out of the room, you will have to use the conventional way, LoL~~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Europe Tour Day 4 and 5

Its day 4, and the tour is in Germany now. The first activity there is to have lunch... German style~~

The food serve is pork paws which is noticeably larger compared human's, German sausage, unknown pickled vegetables, fries, and rice. It was quite delicious though.. considering that if you ignore that there are some noticeable hair on the pork, not much though.

German pork paw.. or hand if you prefer it.

Bought my first memorable souvenir here. I bought a SwissCard Lite.. I'm a weird person ya know, this stuff should be bought in Switzerland, whereas I bought it in Germany.. Damn it!

SwissCard Lite! 13 functions!!

Later, lots of time wasted in the bus sleeping, doing nothing and trying to memorize some hiragana, LoL~

Reach the hotel late at night.. Too late I guess, the hotel door seems to be locked, LoL. Wasted sometime until they open the door for us.

Inside the room, they placed some chocolate Santa and a chocolate Bar. Forgot to mention that day 4 is Christmas eve, LoL.

Chocolate Santa.. Which I placed in my bag the next day, forgetting about it. When I remembered it, it was... wasted, LoL~

Day 5, lots of sitting in the bus again, saw some old architectures.

*Yawn* Can't remember why I take this photo.

This is a photo of a castle on top of the hill. Not only one though, seems like there has a dozen of them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Virtually Clogged!!

My laptop has no external hard drive.
Not enough space for anything (except 1 or 2 more episodes of 30 minute show)!!!
Only about 300MB left on my partitioned hard drive!!

Hope that I get an external hard drive soon, or my entertainment needs will be crippled~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Europe Tour Day 2 and 3

Just want to get over with this, it seems that it too troublesome to separate it to parts. I am just plain lazy, LoL.

Day 2 is plain boring, LoL~ Just get over with it with some snack's photo.
Pocky (chocolate or strawberry sticks)lovers should find no problem without their addictive sticks. They are found in Europe regions too, LoL.

Here are the evidence of existence of "pocky", LoL. Came in a different name, same company though... maybe.

The second day, went to Mountain Titlis, a skiing mountain. Its covered in natural snow apparently. Its damn cold, almost got frostbite when I handle the snow on my hands for an extended period. Like other people says, it felt like thousand needles.

Skiing mountain view.

Mountain view from the edge.

Dug a hole, draw a picture instantly and put the paper in. Prove of Shiphire has been there, LoL~

The day ended with a cup of Starbucks Chocolate. Forgot to take a picture of the chocolate though, heh.

Start the next day with Starbucks Christmas special cherry latte and toffe nut latte.

Toffe nut latte~ Not as good as the one I get in Genting Highland (肯定害人).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Learning new language

Some of my friends should know that I am trying to learn Japanese at my own time, at a very slow progressive manner.

During the trip at Europe.. A freakin' 70% of the time is wasted in the bus while we are being transported from place to place. I took some of the time to learn writing Hiragana (ひらがな or 平仮名). I now can write them, but it will take some time as I am still not familiar with it. Seems that its time to learn Katakana (カタカナ or 片仮名).

Wish me luck on that!


Related to the post previously under "Shit Happens", my 160GB hard drive containing programs, works, and shows.. *Singing* Its flying without wings~~

Damn it!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lost Dog?

My mom has found a lost dog.
That dog for some reason followed my mom's car (Atos), for quite a distance until she reached home.
If anyone lost this dog, please contact me.
Its originally saw around Taman Sri Petaling.

Shit Happens

What will happen if you're not at home, while one of your stuffs got spoiled and need repair, while not consulting you?

Part of the item will go *poof*.

Lesson to all:
Don't act on your own if the stuffs you attempting to repair is not yours. If problem arises, you will be the one the owner blames.

By the way, I am the co-owner/maintainer of the stuff which was partly *poof*ed.

Damn you!! Sabotager!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Europe Trip Day1 Part 2

The tour goes to a cruise, where it passes several famous spots of Paris, including the origin point of Paris, where it is quite small.

The Notredame, where the cartoon hunch back of Notredame takes place. This is the real deal.Notredame



Random photo of ducks. There are tons of them there, even sea gulls and some large birds which I don't know its name.
Some kinda pyramid structure.

I am the worst guide, LoL~
Can't even remember the details of the stuffs I went to see.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Europe Trip Day 1 Part 1

The tour starts at Paris, where old buildings are preferred over modern ones.
They conserve the old buildings by tons of Law, not allowing the owners to renovate it as they like.

If the renovations are approved, it will take a very long time before it will be opened again.

Well.. Being in Paris means that I should go to the Eiffel tower, which the tour did.

Figure 1: The ticket to board the lift to the 2nd level

Figure 2: The back of the ticket

Figure 3. Eiffel tower shot taken from its base

Figure 4. View from 2nd level of the tower

Figure 4. Views from 2nd level of the tower above the stairs. Lots of net to prevent people from jumping out.

To be continued..
Too much photos to be uploaded, and Flickr does not have multiple photo publishing capabilities.. Had to use Blogger's "add image" to add 5 picture at a time.

Bad news to Link-exchanger

My "bloglist"has gone down the drain due to unknown reason and did not remember removing them.

Whoever who had exchange links with me please leave a post here so that I could reestablish it.

1st phone post below

The postbelow is posted through my phone.
Its quite useful when I am out.

Here is the guide to the usage of Lifeblog to post into Blogger.

Its quite noticeable that the previous post is posted using Lifeblog through Flickr since the format are kinda weird compared to normal posts..

Close up!

Close up!
Originally uploaded by shiphire
Mon 15/12/2008 14:21 15122008816 A closer look on the armor's crotch. Forgot to upload this from my phone LoL.My 1st post using Lifeblog on my phone.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Post Europe tour 1

Before the trip, I stayed at Leeds for several days, and visited several places.
Here are some pictures.

Figure 1: Met some squirrels at the park in York. They are used to crowds since visitors feed them. There are some pigeons too. Compared their pigeon and squirrel to the ones on Malaysia, They are noticeably larger.

The royal armories. Contain armors, medieval weapons, armors, and some modern weapons. You could even hold an unarmed sub-machine gun. I hold one, took a picture, but the photo is in another camera.

Still in the royal armories, This is a full armor. Notice the bulge on his crotch? The dude which had wore it must be god like.

Some Gothic church.. Which details I don't remember.

The Jet Lag continues

Once again, I slept at 6am and woke at 4pm..

Help me!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jet Lag!!!

I just woke up.. And it's already 3.50pm..

Damn you!! Jet Lag!!!

Seems that I need a few days to adjust my body to counter the jet lag..
Slept at 4.30am yesterday by the way...

Its because that I have been living in GMT 0:00 time zone for almost a whole month...

Friday, January 2, 2009

The laptop is manned again

Just came back from the trip.
Once again the laptop is manned again, but unfortunately the pagerank has gone down to the drain LoL.

Its a day late but Happy New Year to all!