Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My first time ever facial treatment.

Due to worsening face issue, I am forced to go for a facial treatment for the first time in my life.

It all started with an electric shaver. I was ordered to shave in order to look "cleaner" and shaving results in major acne problems. Some say that the shaver isn't well sterilized, some say that this is caused by razor burns which gives microorganism a chance to infect. Whatever is it, I am having a major problem now.

The same person who ordered me to shave ordered me to go facial treatment. I was forced to lie on the bed for 3 HOURS!! The process was hard and painful!
The "steaming" process and the "facial mask" process is the most memorable as both the "steaming" process and the "facial mask" process causes me to suffocate. "Steaming" releases water vapor around your face, breathing is hard as hot moist air is inhaled. "Facial mask" uses some sort of hardening cream which will harden after a period of time. The applied cream got stuck on my nose, and for the whole period of time (I think it is wither half an hour or so) I was trying to search for a way for me to breath smoothly.

They wanted me to attend another session after a week.
As other people said, beauty is pain!

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