Saturday, December 5, 2009

Razer tracking system not working.. at all

I mentioned that I bought a pair of earphone with free shipping service. The service should include tracking where the processing, the shipping and the arrival of the product could be checked.

I checked the status of my earphones continuously for 3 days but the status displayed "processing". I emailed support to ask whether  it is normal to have long processing times and he informed me that products will take longer processing time as there are public holidays.

2 more days later the status is still shown as "processing".
I completely gave up on checking it's status.

2 days later, the door bell is rang and I saw a FedEx delivery man standing outside the gate and the product he delivers happens to be my earphones! I thought that the status in the tracking site has been updated but it still shows as "processing".
A day later, finally the status of the product changes from "processing" directly to "Completed" without going through processes such as "shipping" or "shipped".

Turns out that Razer has a branch in Singapore, and the processing took 4 days and the shipping took 2 days. I originally thought that the product would take more than a week as I thought that it would be shipping from US towards Malaysia!

Though their tracking system is inefficient, I still glad that my order arrived safely. Gotta post up its review soon!

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