Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tips for people who notice depression in their friends (me included)

The link above shows things about suicide, about warning signs before attempting, reason got suicide, and ways to prevent it.

Exam results releasing date are closing in, hope that this would do a favor to reduce the number of suicides of young adults.

According to the statistics,
The most dramatic increase in the suicide rate has occurred in the 15 to 24 age bracket (up 312%), followed by the 20- to 24-year-old age group (up 163%)--both traditional college-age groups.

Hope this helps.

Friday, November 23, 2007

LoL battle between advertisers: From Smorty

LoL update, this message is copied directly from smorty:

Note: this is NOT an advertisement.


Hello and thanks for all your great work with Smorty.

There have been some recent changes that Google have made with regard to sponsored postings.
Smorty would like to offer you some advice on this issue. Google has primarily targeted PayPerPost member blogs and reduced their Page ranks across the board. Although this WILL NOT REDUCE your rankings or readership, your blog will receive more campaign offers if it has a higher page rank. To prevent any future loss of page rank due to this issue you can take the following steps:

1. Remove all sponsored post tags on each of your posts. Google can follow these tags to determine if you are being paid for posts.
2. Remove any PayPerPost tags on your posts for "hire me" and "review me". Any general affiliate banners are fine to keep.

*Recently Smorty have been filtering through all previous posts made through the Smorty system. We are aware a percentage of bloggers have been removing older posts after they have been paid through Smorty. Please note this is against our rules. We will shortly calculating the totals each blogger have removed and possibly ban their account or remove these amounts from their balance to be paid. Please be sure to follow all blogger rules and FAQ`s to prevent future issues.


I know It does not sound right, seems that it is backstabbing payperpost while preserving themselves.


Keep this a secret~

Drawing.. Again

Waned to update my facebook pet dragon, hence I thought of drawing one out. At 1st I think that I should draw a cute 1, which later bugs me alot for the detail, hence I simplified it to this:

Never thought that it would come out like this at 1st though, isn't it cool?!


People should be very concsious about what they had said or type, or it will become "batu api" and cause a lot of commotion.

Just for example,
Starbucks-Military Commotion

According to the article there, just because of some mis-replying of the mail to the army guy caused some major commotion, LoL.

Lesson to everyone-de gozaru.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I had done during holiday

My holiday is a mess.
Whole day sitting in front of my pc.
Any kept worrying my results everyday.

Today I shot ants from my table to the wall opposite.

Freakin' boring eh?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Current situation

Just now I checked my payperpost, to see whether it has any opportunities, amazingly, it does not have any available for me!~

Really hope that Google will give me a rank soon, so that I got something to do to earn~~

Here is a picture which describes my current situation~

Colors are fun, isn't it? though it takes some effort on the Google coloring part.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guide for Gifts from galz to guys.

Christmas is closing in! Do the girls have any idea what they should get for their boyfriend or even their husbands?

The males’ minds are mystery to girls and vice versa towards the female’s mind to the males too though. But there is a solution for the girls, which guides what the girls could get for their male friends (sorry boys, no guides for you to the female, LoL).

As the girls know, most of the guys, given if they have their girlfriend, love their car seconded to their girlfriend. ^^|||. On gifts for guys you could get them something for them in the garage, which might make them happy, LoL. As a matter of fact, you(the married ones ^^) could get a cabinet or something if your garage is messy, getting them might do the job, though the guy may or may not utilize it, but it is better than letting the tools scatter all around and having problem when locating the tools.

Leaving the garage part alone, you could also get him some custom made accessories for the car, such as a toilet bowl plunger to replace the car gear shifter handle to make the situation more “lively”.

gifts for guys

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Friday, November 16, 2007

A #$%^ Experience From a #$%^ Restaurant - Part 2 / 2

Continuing from:
A #$%^ Experience From a #$%^ Restaurant - Part 1 / 2

At the mean time, there are peoples which volunteer to sing on the stage, their singing were like.. #$%^!!!! Me and my brother kept backstabbing them all the time while they sing, giving them nicknames like.. Machinegun 婆, high-pitch 婆, lonely 阿伯, all sorts of things which could best describes them.

Not to mention that I am sitting at the path which peoples kept going in and out. It is also a route for waiter there to serve their food. Can't remember how many times they had pushed and knocked my chair. At that time I am getting more and more fury~~~ Can't the restaurant reject the deal if there are too much people? They didn't think too much bout it I guess, since they are not the ones which sit on that kinda place.

That's all I wanna share on this restaurant experience, there are more to say tough on other restaurants, but leave it to next time.

Nice shop hosting site on ashop.

Does anyone host a site, selling things off? This is a ecommerce software which could aid you to manage the items you are going or intend to sell. It is said to be set up easily and have free tech support. Its user friendly since no HTML knowledge are not required. You can customly place the looks of your site. You could alter themes, site wide settings of text and layout in the site.

There are available demo(s) available on the site:

Test drive on shopping carts

A short note here, the demo requires internet explorer, hence Firefox could not access to it.

One of it shows you how to customize the site on the view point of the site creator and the other one shows you the ways visitor can access it on the view point of the visitors.

There are 4 packs:

Starter ($60/month)

Best fitted for starters, minimum web space, band width and almost other is minimum compared to the other packs, but it comes with 10 trial day.

Advanced ($89/month), Professional ($179/month), Enterprise ($349/month)

All these packs are more expensive than started pack (of course!) , but all of them are similar, but as the package levels up, the web space and bandwidth increases exponentially.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Everything seems to be collapsing, especially my blog and my will.

Lets just hope that everything will be fine and steady..
Lots of unwanted things had happened in this short duration.

My will seems.. unsteady

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hell on Earth..

My life is hard..
Every day I am worried about my results.. Which will come out at the end to November..
Everyday my mom nagged at me, wanting me to study even though Now is holiday period..

Could my life be any better?

Just hope that all my subjects will at least pass, or any higher would be nice too..

Biology, could not understand most of the questions, although they are mcqs,
Chemistry, not enough formula provided.. Alot left outs.

Life is falling apart.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A #$%^ Experience From a #$%^ Restaurant - Part 1 / 2

One day parents bring me to a dinner, which is like a gathering for a tribe or some sort of thing, such as Hokkien gathering except it is not hokkien but other tribe.

At 1st sight on my table, all the plates and bowls contains some unknown firt substances all around on every plates and bowls. I wonder how the cleaner does their job.

Then later when they serve shark fin soup (it is stilled allowed in Malaysia if you're from some other country which restricts shark fin), the #$%^ waitress distributes the soup carelessly. Most of the shark fin had gone to the table, or sticking on the outer wall of the bowl, though most of them lies to the table clothes though. Then my father decided to distribute it himself while the waiter is still distributing. The waitress said:" 不行,等一下老板回会骂!。" My father then said:"你倒到满桌都是,我们跟他讲你也不是会被骂吗?"

To be continued...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nice song..

This songs.. Is very emotional..
Describes ways you could affect others on the verge of breaking down.

Death would hurt the suicider physically but hurt those close to him mentally..
Hope that this song will influence people to think positively..
And it sounds nice too!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New skin

I had changed the skin of the blog, as well as the banner. After 3 months, finally there is a new look on this blog. The banner i photoshopped seems kinda weird.

Happy Deepavali!

To all my Indian friends: Happy Deep-a-Valley!! Hope that nice things will happen to all of us when the results come out! May god blast us!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Building up frustration

Is it just me or them? On the 1st day after the final exam, i had to face my parents all day long, and hear them talk and talk all day long, about their relatives getting high scores, or their friends' children failed and their parents is having problem, bla bla bla.

I am getting fed up of the craps, for god's sake, now finally i am having time for relaxation, if this continues I may really blow up.

Current mood: cloudy, unstable, will blast without notice, please don't be the trigger.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Money blogging!

Greetings to all bloggers again! Once again there is another way to get money from the blog! Smorty is a blogging service, similar to payperpost. The system is that the advertiser pay for smorty, and smorty will divide the posts for registered users according to their blog level, similar to payperpost too. Bloggers could register for it through here.

After you registered, you could then register your blog for their approval, which takes quite a short time compared to other advertising sites. But their requirements for blog is quite high, like your blog must be indexed or you must have an appropriate google rank, which I failed to get, but for certain reason they approved my blog.

After approving you could almost immediately start to get paid for blogging if you have opportunities, which mostly immediately available for you. So go for it, it does not costs a cent to register to them!

blog advertising

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Things you don't wanna encounter.

Today while combing my hard, i accidentally glanced to my comb and.. BLOOD!!!! Freakin LoL, cannot identify the exact position but it is on the scalp, cause i wiped the comb and try to comb again and it seems the the blood restained the comb.

Really gonna die soon.

Making money!!!

There are a number of ways you could gain money for your paypal account. One of the ways are using payperpost.

The way of using payperpost is that you must have a blog 3 months old, which I had just recently achieved it and after that I could just straight away to get their provided opportunity and post the advertisement. The higher the rank of your blog, the better post you could get. Due to the unupdated google page rank, I still got a N/A for my blog, hence the pay are little though.

Three months ago I was told by Adrianchoychoy on the campus that I could gain money using this kind of post, which motivates me to start blogging when I saw him gaining A LOT of money through the net from various ways, one of them is through payperpost though. LOVE money. But the way of posting is quite strict though, you must refer that the current post are sponsored or they will reject the post for the consumers’ sake.

Planning to use the money to get myself a Razer earphone and a Razer mouse, which both add up with the shipping fees costs USD100++. I need them because my current earphone is a Nokia headset.. The earphone is very bad if used for other things other than for phone, and my current mouse looks like crap and the colors faded away. Hope that the day of me 1st buying things online is near.

It all depends on you payperpost!

And some extra notes, though there will be chances that your posts will be denied, you would still got a chance to repair the post, and give them the requirements they need. And they will recheck it very fast.

make money

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Pyramid again

Once again me and Adrian went to Sunway pyramid. We went there to have lunch at Subway. The price... MYR10 for a piece of sandwich. When we were arriving there, we could smell the baked bread smell all over the place (the kinda smell which you could found on pizza.

We decided to have a extra chips and soft drink.. Shouldn't have done that.. Wasted MYR4 on the worthless thing. When i asked the server/waitress on the counter whether the drink is refillable, she said: Yes... With a charge of MYR1.50.

What the heck!~


It funny to know that people get presents for others although they does not have enough cash. They would loan or pay monthly, which includes interests. They longer they pay, the more money they will need to cough up.

The information could be found on the press below.

Beware when choosing a present, don't just buy anything, plan it accordingly to your current budget!~
But it is still amazing that how they manage to have debts for more than a year! LoL

Press Release:


- New price saving site launches to save Brits up to 20% this Christmas -

As the nation approaches the final countdown to Christmas, new research rings alarm bells over the financial impact of Christmas in credit crunch Britain. The research from the new money saving website reveals that as Brits prepare for Christmas, many are still paying off last year’s festive spending.

With 41 per cent of Britons paying for Christmas on credit last year, almost one in five are still paying for last year’s festivities (17%), fewer than one in three having cleared their Christmas debts when their January credit card bill arrived (29%).

Following a year of consumer confidence in 2006, Christmas spending soared 52 per cent in two years (from an average £548 per adult in 2004* to £837 per adult in 2006), with over one in five Brits spending over £1,000 on Christmas last year (22%). This year, with spending power at its lowest level for 10 years**, consumers are feeling the financial hangover from a more confident Christmas enjoyed on the credit card and loans.

Alarmingly, it is cash strapped youngsters and low income earners who, having spent the most on last Christmas, are most likely to be feeling the repercussions of last year’s spending spree (see figures below).

The research into the financial impacts of last Christmas amongst a GB representative sample of 2,000 British adults was carried out by the new money savings website which launches this week to enable Brits to get more for their money this Christmas.

With these alarming figures in mind, will give shoppers the opportunity to save up to 20% on their Christmas shopping. Putting consumers back in control of their spending, the site searches over 700 retailers for the best price on around one million products. The site includes a unique price checker which allows consumers to set the price they want to pay for items, notifying them when the price of a product falls to within their budget.

Save Buckets

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

LoL mall incident

Today, after going A&W for lunch, me and Adrian gone to Sunway pyramid to have a movie.

After we had a movie we came out and we both forget which place we park my car since the pyramid had extended some part of it and today we happen to go in in a different gate.

We walked round and round until both our legs felt like nothing.

After spending some time researching on our position, it happens that the place we started to find our car happens to be the gate we come in from. Too blur to notice it and walked 2 rounds around the freakin' place.

May draw something bout this after exam. This time i may enhance it through photoshop in a way, LoL.

Look forward to it.