Friday, March 28, 2008

Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen

On the previous post, Monash "caught" fire, and after returning to the library to do some work, I met with emocha, which "@#$%" coincidentally wearing a green shirt and dark pants too..

After working on the reports again, decided to come to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch and continue working there. Emo decided to go to Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen since they have wifi provided, LoL.

We are having different set lunch, Mine is a lamb shank, with mushroom soup, Green Tea and a pudding like substance as desert. As for emo, he is having seafood pasta, with a red vegetable soup which I had forgot the name, peppermint tea and a tiramisu.

Here's the pictures, LoL~

By the way, I am using their wifi service to blog this post too.

Man I @#$ as a blogger, can't recall any of the name of stuffs.

Monash Sunway burnt down?!

Monash is being (imaginatively) burnt!!

The alarms rang!
Announcement was made!
All personals were being evacuated!

As for me, coincidentally I was there in the library doing my work. I threw everything into my bag except my phone, which I was holding on my hand, as it was a chance to get a post about something!

These are some pictures about the fire drill.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This post clarifies that why I am still overweight after such a long time...

After dinner, ate papaya - 10 cubes, kitkat - 1 bar, cadbury chocolate - 1 piece and finally, ending it with a plum.

Heck, the 1st and the last thing is nice, but something in the middle certainly worsen it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today, I went to Mid VAlley Megamall to have a movie with my parents.

The movie they choose is Shutter... Not the one from Thailand, but the one done by the westerners, LoL~

The movie overall is okay, but this time it uses more of the Japanese kinda scary ghost thingy instead of the English usual scary stuff.

Its quite interesting though.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Phone damage!!

Today I scratched my phone.. Kinda severely.

The scar extends up to 5cm, such a pain!
And it is still less than 1 month! Why would n't they make a hard cover for it!!! Why can't they?!?!?

It really hurts when I notice that my phone got scratched..

Btw, the nokia service center demand me to format my phote just to get the panoman application, and the head phone reboot thingy has not been fixed too...

And last week my desktop brokedown.

Getting more and more problems.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Traffic (I meant the real one, on the road) Red Card!!!

From now on, I'm gonna have my camera standby and ready on my dashboard to take pictures.

If I notice something which that should not be done on the street, I would just snap it, LoL~

Hope that publishing them would reduce traffic recklessness and accidents and other related things. Heh~

Perodua Kancil car passing through red light. The green light shown is for the lane from my view.

Ultimate lorry parking, blocking part of the road.

This is what I get for this 1st post for Traffic Red Card, LoL~

Nokia problem occured... AND SOLVED!!! WAHAHA!

Few days ago my Nokia N82 had some problems, and smartmovie does not respond, and everytime I try to run it, the black screen of horror will appear on my N82 and seconds later the phone would go back to the main menu.

At the same time, the image and videos on my phone can't be viewed on the Gallery for some unknown reason.

I at first reset my phone to factory settings, which does not help, then I tried a hard reset, which still does not help.

After backing up my memory card and formatted it, everything came back to normal!
I think the culprit for all those reason is the memory card.

So to all people who had the black screen of death while trying to run smartmovie or can;t view image or video in the gallery, I suggest formatting the memory card.

Oh and 1 thing which is unrelated. Dell once said that the SDHC card does not work on their inspiron 1520, but weirldly my N82 which uses a 4Gb SDHC micro Sd card, which I had not noticed that is a SDHC worked in it, LoL~

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dell SD solved!!

The Dell technician came to my house and fixed the faulty card reader, which previously can read xD card but not sD card.

To my surprise, for just the sD faulty, I had to change the whole motherboard, hence I got a new motherboard now, LoL~ Plus now its still in warranty, so its free!! Wahahahaha~

Though the hissing sound still persists, but not as loud as using the old motherboard I think.

So for people who are searching for sD card reader not functioning, call a Dell technician to fix it!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I've got a new phone at 29 February, only now I decided to post about it, LoL~

Its kinda cool, it looks like metal when the light illuminates on it, but when you look at it closely, the plasticky feature would be easily noticed though.

Tried it xenon camera, and it kinda own! Took picture at a dark place and it looks just as bright when it is morning.. kinda..

One of the best thing I had checked out is the GPS thingy!
Looked at it from Mid Valley to my house, and the GPS pin points quite exactly, even small roads and the street in front of my house is listed, LoL~

The D-pad is kinda weird at 1st, but I adapted to its style in an hour or two.
And I had upgraded its memory card from 2Gb to 4Gb, but this causes some lost of the free program. It should have a panoman program to take panorama pictures, and it was lost. Must find that guy and try to take back the program. Its a waste to not take advantages of free things, and panoman is not a freeware.

But I still kept wondering why Nokia wanna take out the "pen" key.