Sunday, August 31, 2008


At Saturday Monash has held a ball. I had to fetch Joe at KTM, and he made me wait for a very very long time. When he reaches, tons of excuses poured in (as expected). We then met up with Yeet because they had planned to style their hair at a saloon. they extimated the price of hair styling is about MYR 15. when we reaches, we found out that a person is about MYR28. I backed off, and let them do their thing.

When they are finished, we went back to the car park to change to formal wear. at that time, i styled my own hair with Gatsby moving rubber myself.. Without mirror!!

Here s the end product:

Too bad as time passes, the moving rubber does not hold the hair very much, and it ended as another style as time moves on.

As my tablemates met, all of the dudes are wearing formal wears and the girls looks gorgeous. one of the girls has (temperory)tatoo just for the ball, LoL.
1 of the patrons on my table went off due to an emergency stuff, where he had to go to Singapore. 2 of the other patrons are performers, leaving the 7 peoples per table.

Going into the ball, once again I found out that my table was situated next to the speaker. all patrons on my table had their ears blasted till near deaf. Though as time goes on, our ear adapted to the situation and we don't care much about it later on since we are walking all over to find targets for pictures, though its not very fruitful.

I left there at 11.55pm. got stuck by the Merdeka jam on the road. Tons of irresponsible motorcyclist ignoring my car and drove without taking cautious, taking up the whole road. I stucked at the junction for about 10 minutes. The police are doing nothing. They vanished after the gathering is off.

After passing through the suffering junction, everything went well and I reached home safe and sound.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesterday night suddenly feel like drawing even I have a bunch of work. Lost concentration LoL~

Friday, August 22, 2008

Negima OVA!!

At last there is an anime where it follows Mahou Sensei Negima's manga story!!

I did not prefer the 1st 2 season which does not have much to do with the manga though.
Hope that this will stick to the manga story!!


For people who has followed the manga series, these are not spoiler pictures though. But actually it cut short alot of its part.

Negi casting~
Chao casting~
Chao leaving~

Hope that it follow the story line~

Edit (17 March 2009)
The second episode has been fansubbed after a long time!

Report Rush!!

Have 3 reports and 1 assignment (done) due next week. 2 of them due on Monday and Tuesday. And the field trip is on Monday..

The picture above illustrate my condition..
Should have increase the size of the burden though.. Or replace the bag with a rock.

Wish me luck..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

No!!! Gold Medal Hope Vanished!!

China was too strong for an opponent. At least Chong Wei had obtained a silver medal for Malaysia. Other athletes which joined seems that they does not even have chance to get a bronze. Should appreciate this silver though.

KingMax MicroSD is shit

As the title says, KingMax MicrosSD is shit. Its been the 5th time it was corrupted since I get it. every time when I remove it from my PC, I use the safely remove feature. And even on my Nokia phone, I use "remove memory card" before I remove it from my phone.

But guess what? It is shitted again. KingMax is bringing in its own grave though. Gotta find the Nokia dealer to ask them about this crap since original phone gives a Nokia brand micro SD with a lower capacity and for this 4 Gb micro SD, I had to pay more for it. Lets see who;s at fault here.. Nokia dealer or Kingmax cheapskate.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic BeiJing typo

I wonder did anyone capture this on screen, LoL~

Notice the "Austarlia", LoLoL~

Friday, August 8, 2008

Big mistake!!

Went to Starbucks today to do homework.
Ordered a green tea latte with low fat milk.
Didn't finish it and took it home.

Looks normal eh? Unfortunately it's not.

When I got it home, I put in some ice, and decided to place it into a freezer to reduce the melting of the ice before I drink it after washing up. But I ended up forgetting it until the Olympic starts and I wanted to have a drink. The drink ended up frozen.

The thawing sure takes time, and the end product is kinda diluted though.

Japanese language class!!

I started to learn basic Japanese in the campus.
The class is not official though, the tutor is a student though.
Learned some basic things such as 1st time greetings, and basic "spellings" of words and writings.


Dunno I type right or wrong though, LoL~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The rush continues

One report is gone, but it replenishes with another new one..

But the assignment due date has been secretly postponed to monday.. WOOHOO!!!

On an unrelated matter.. The Simpsons RULES!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


As a heavy downloader, one of the thing I hate is that the server does not support download resuming. Hate it most when the file is big, and it had to stuck at 99% after waiting for so long, and ended up failing. And the download HAD to restart from scratch.

Shitty file hoster.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Assignment rush!!

2 reports and 1 assignment due next week!

No time to draw expression!

Good luck to everyone rushing for assignment and godspeed!