Monday, February 1, 2010

WiFi error follow up

Following up from the incident stated in Post 1 and Post 2, this is the latest news on this incident.

To summarize Post 1, after a storm, the wifi in my house does not work in my computer. And I found out that the wifi only works when the laptop is very close to the modem. I deemed that this problem arises when the storm somehow damaged my wifi card as my brother's laptop could work in his room.

At post 2, I called the Dell technician to change my wifi card to see whether it is the cause of it. After changing it, the problem still persists.

As for the latest news, I found out that the range of the wifi has been reduced by 3 meters after some trial and error procedures. At first, I took my laptop away from the modem, and see whether it plummets. As I enter my room, the internet connection plummets hard. then I do some minor adjustment, I found out that instead of using the laptop across my room, now I have to use it close to the door, and the door must be opened for internet access, LoL. If I shut the door, the internet plummets again.

Hope that I can get a wifi extender so that I could use my laptop is the usual big table.