Monday, June 21, 2010

High temperature on laptop!

For the past month, my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520) is experiencing high temperature.
Idle temperature of the lap top would be more than 60°C.
When gaming, high CPU/graphic application were used, the temperature easily passes through the 90°C mark and causes high lag issues and heat issues.

I then decided to clean up the lap top this week and start searching forums for instructions. Initial steps such as hinge cover removal, Hard drive removal, optical drive removal could be easily found on the booklet or in Dell website, but further instructions such as palm rest removal, removal of the LCD screen were not included in the booklet.

I have an idea on how to disassemble those parts due to the frequent servicing of my laptop 1 year ago, summoning the technicians to come over and over again. Every time they disassemble it, I will be there looking at it, absorbing their skills. Expecting that I might use them if I were to upgrade or maintain it by myself.

After some struggling on those uncharted steps, I managed to remove all the needed parts and I reached the heat sink. There, I was shocked. About 0.5cm of black dust wall was formed behind the vent! When I touch it, my fingers was stain coal black too. I am glad that I did not follow those instructions by other users stating that using high compression air to blow it out, as it was not possible if the dust was this thick.

After assembling everything, the lap top works fins and the idle temperature dropped to 45°C. It was a high improvement my laptop. I also noticed that the wind from the vent could actually be felt now, unlike when it was blocked. The strength of the fan seems to have doubled.

So to all with high temperature issues, it is best to contact your manufacturer to have it cleaned/fix as soon as possible as high temperature could pose danger to the user and the computer itself. It is best to send it back to the manufacturer if the warranty is still on or if you doesn't have the skills to disassemble/reassemble it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

DDD Fansubs! Position confirmed!

I had just joined a team of fan subbers, subbing Infinity Challenge!

I am in charge in the timing of the subtitles and minor proofreading!

To everyone who likes Infinity Challenge!
Join our team and raise the productivity!

DDD Fansubs FTW!

Edit 2011/03/07:
I observed that there are a number of search for DDD fansub and the first link in Google leads here instead of the official DDD team forum, so I added in the URL to the official forum for conveniences.

Support us!

Friday, June 4, 2010

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