Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners - A haven for hoover vacuum cleaners

Living in UK and thought of purchasing a vacuum cleaner but the choices for comparison were limited?
Hoover Vacuum Cleaners is a site targeting UK citizens with a compiled list of various brands and models of hover vacuum cleaners.

This site has a large variety of hover vacuum cleaners, from the types of bag used to the body types of the machine. Even rechargeable hoover vacuum cleaners are available.

The website provides best possible price as Amazon was chosen as their supplier and retailer.

They provide information about different types of hoover vacuum cleaners and its functionality.
For example, they stated that upright range vacuum cleaners acts as a general purpose vacuum cleaner. It is suitable for a number of different surfaces.

This site is an award winning website with cheapest prices guaranteed and it is updated hourly.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A Dell technician had contact me for the service of my laptop.
The irony is that my WiFi card now seems to be fine.
The problem persists until yesterday, and magically vanishes without a trace.

Hope the problem arises before the technician could some so that the problem could be properly diagnosed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WiFi Card ruined?

During a storm, I decided to shut down my laptop and the wireless modem so that they would be safe after some time.

After the storm, I switched on my laptop and the wireless modem but I could not connect to the internet. I tested the internet connection with a desktop connecting directly to the modem and found no fault with the modem. I restarted my laptop several times but it does not solve the problem. Tried reinstalling the driver of the wireless card does not work too.

I unplugged my laptop from my usual spot and placed it close to the desktop to try instructions from troubleshooting sites (Note that the desktop is close to the wireless modem). Weirdly the internet of my laptop works again! Then I bring my laptop back to the usual spot, and once again the internet does not work. Only then I  found out that the range of my wireless card somehow has been affected by the storm! 
The internet works only when my laptop is within 5 meters from the wireless modem!

I think the culprit of the damage is the storm, which somehow affected the electric current, partially fried my wireless card, reducing the range of the wifi to melee range!

Hope that Dell would send their technician to diagnose or replace the wireless card of my laptop so that I could surf freely.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Razer tracking system not working.. at all

I mentioned that I bought a pair of earphone with free shipping service. The service should include tracking where the processing, the shipping and the arrival of the product could be checked.

I checked the status of my earphones continuously for 3 days but the status displayed "processing". I emailed support to ask whether  it is normal to have long processing times and he informed me that products will take longer processing time as there are public holidays.

2 more days later the status is still shown as "processing".
I completely gave up on checking it's status.

2 days later, the door bell is rang and I saw a FedEx delivery man standing outside the gate and the product he delivers happens to be my earphones! I thought that the status in the tracking site has been updated but it still shows as "processing".
A day later, finally the status of the product changes from "processing" directly to "Completed" without going through processes such as "shipping" or "shipped".

Turns out that Razer has a branch in Singapore, and the processing took 4 days and the shipping took 2 days. I originally thought that the product would take more than a week as I thought that it would be shipping from US towards Malaysia!

Though their tracking system is inefficient, I still glad that my order arrived safely. Gotta post up its review soon!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Changed blog color template

I just changed my blog color template to a brighter one.
I used to think that a dark colored template would have a better effect as it does not strain the eyes as much as a bright colored template.

I have been hearing suggestions from people that I should use a brighter template.
Hence I retain the same template, but I altered the color codes to change those dark colors to a brighter ones.

Any comments on improvements or suggestions as to which colors I should use for any sections?

Edit: After receiving comments by Iocus Theoda, I decided to totally change my blog template, to a brighter one than the original color scheme, but still retaining part of the darkness. Thanks for the support Iocus Theoda!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Changed blog Url name!

A large number of automated sites (such as sites from [CENSORED] where responds from staffs are ultimately slow) does not approve of the URL "www.s---d.co.cc" url, as it contains "---" in it. This leads to a number of problems.

The new URL I changed to is www.shiphire-d.co.cc

Hope this resolves the problems in future!

Edit: Just noticed that this new URL has the google page rank of 0, and my old URL had earned 1 google rank... Such a waste.

My first time ever facial treatment.

Due to worsening face issue, I am forced to go for a facial treatment for the first time in my life.

It all started with an electric shaver. I was ordered to shave in order to look "cleaner" and shaving results in major acne problems. Some say that the shaver isn't well sterilized, some say that this is caused by razor burns which gives microorganism a chance to infect. Whatever is it, I am having a major problem now.

The same person who ordered me to shave ordered me to go facial treatment. I was forced to lie on the bed for 3 HOURS!! The process was hard and painful!
The "steaming" process and the "facial mask" process is the most memorable as both the "steaming" process and the "facial mask" process causes me to suffocate. "Steaming" releases water vapor around your face, breathing is hard as hot moist air is inhaled. "Facial mask" uses some sort of hardening cream which will harden after a period of time. The applied cream got stuck on my nose, and for the whole period of time (I think it is wither half an hour or so) I was trying to search for a way for me to breath smoothly.

They wanted me to attend another session after a week.
As other people said, beauty is pain!