Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things I notice today (27 Apr 08)

The world never stop moving. Good things and bad things happens all the time, despite the severity of it.

Today I noticed a reckless driver while I am having dinner on the street. That guy places his granddaughter (I kinda know that guy) on his lap while he was driving, allowing access for her to the dash board, the wipers, signals, wiper fluid all under her possession, and this happens when his still driving. then that guy parked his car without showing the signal, almost causing an accident, but he does not care about it, after he stopped his car, he still allows her to click everywhere.. Darn that guy, for god's sake, discipline yourself AND your daughter. It won't be fun if something happens.

Then I notice someone that are sweeping the floor at the hawker store beside the one I was at. That sweeper does not sweep the dry leaves to this side of the hawker store, or to the drain., but to a plastic bag prepared. Though this type of act are unnoticeable, it got into me. Its still a good deed, though it was light and unnoticeable.

That concludes of what I thought today, and now I had to face the reality and finish my genetics report! Damn stress!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look on the bright side

After some time for the chain of unwanted incident, think its time to look to the bright side.. I guess.

Everything seems okay these few days, except the hate still lingers though.

According to Attraction theory (been a topic with my friends for 2 days), the more you hate something and think about it, the more it will come to you.same as the more you desire for a thing, there will be a better chance that you could get it.

Not quite sure about it though.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shit faces in community

When people live in a society/community, they will meet others and get known to peoples.

There is a chance where peoples would met a black sheep, which will constantly ruin your life or at the very least, causing you to have a bad day.

For example, when A was had trouble, and wanted to know the opinion of other people to known about the situation (such as polling), that shit face would notice about that poll and convince others to sabotage the poll, making the poll creator felt like shit.

After the poll creator found out who is the shit face, the shit face proudly say in front of that guy, stating that annoying him is his goal, not knowing that he is one of the (main) causes that the poll creator to panic and seek for public opinion.

Message of the day: If you had been/being/planning to be a shit face, try putting your shoes on the person that you had been "shit-faced" and think of what they will think, especially that you are causing the panic attack in the first place.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stress + Darned taxi "Pee"ple

Darn it! 3 reports due tomorrow, and I still have 2 unfinished..

Took care of the car incident by not trying to get the claim for the damned taxi driver.
But I might call the complaining line to complain bout that shitty driver.

Rude, arrogant, careless, drive roughly, could not estimate distance between vehicle and reckless.

Even my friend that is living on the hostel hates him.

Darn that guy, please leave a comment if you think of something to talk about taxi drivers where I can apply it to that guy.

Hope he get sacked soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My car got @#$%-up by a @#$%ing taxi!

Friday, after a movie in Sunway Pyramid, I was driving my friend back to his apartment. A freakin taxi tried to overtake my car which is NOT MOVING and rammed into the right side of my car.

The taxi driver then parked on the side of the road, demanding that he is very busy and wanted me to report to the police, where I did today at Saturday. But I made him wait for a deserving half an hour for my parents to come to oversee the situation.

But he don't want to admit that he is the wrong person here, though the evidence on my car is obvious that he is the wrong one though.

From the scratch made on his side bumper, a specialist (which I doubt their existence in my country) could see that from his car, the scratch is made from left to right, meaning that he is overtaking me when the scratch is being made.

Now I hope that the police guy I am going to meet in the coming week is a specialist where he can see the sign of the scratch. In case hat taxi guy do some "remodeling" on his car, I still have TONS of pictures of my car AND his car.

Lets see who win this battle.

Wish me luck guys.

Oh And by the way, decided to put a "simulation" on what had happened on that time when the accident happened.
On this picture shows the condition before the accident. There are cars moving on the junction, making the lorry to stop, me and the taxi are now currently on the same lane.

Now the lorry is gone, but the taxi was so eager to move that he wanted to overtake me.

A few second before the accident. My car is still stationary since I notice that the taxi is trying to overtake me.

The taxi turns in too much and scratch my car, resulting into the 1st image of my car I had posted on this post.

Well.. Now you guys have an idea of the situation, you could judge who is the guilty one here.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The bad side of the society..

There are people which misuses public facilities, such as toilets, phone booth, and now even the parkings.

There is a guy which sits there all the time at the PUBLIC parking lot, waiting people to come. When people come he would "direct" peoples into the slots and later he demand "payment" from the driver.

That guy misuses the public facilities and act that as if he own the lot, and he jot down people's car plate that does not "pay" him.

Here encloses the picture of that @#$ guy which I secretly took without him knowing, though its far and unfocused, LoL~

Notice the guy on the left back. Yes~ He's the one...

Oh and by the way, you can notice the guy on the right side, he is a traffic police though, but it seems that the @#$% guy is invisible for him.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool? 2 at the same time!

Today I kinda april fooled two of my friend at the same time at the end of the day, Read the following conversation though.

I was chatting to them simultaneously, but they have no idea at first, later I invited Joe to the same chat box, LoL~

Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
i just reached home, traffic jam coz need to fetch u both to bus stop
*naf AdrianC- says:
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
make me die
*naf AdrianC- says:
wah so jam meh?
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
you gys la
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
make me use the other way
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
the original way is faster
*naf AdrianC- says:
*naf AdrianC- says:
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
shitty double toll, shitty police and shitty junction

*naf Joe- has been added to the conversation.

*naf AdrianC- says:
chill la
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
you guys a
*naf AdrianC- says:
u talk to yan yi right
*naf AdrianC- says:
happy lar
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
april fool
*naf AdrianC- says:
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
april fool 2 guys at 1 go
*naf AdrianC- says:
*naf AdrianC- says:

The conservation end with Lotsa bad mouth language though, LoL~

Crappy early downpour..

Today I know it will be a shitty day..
And it is just 7.30am on my place..

Parked my car on the parking lot, while walking half way, there is a drizzle.
Within 30 seconds, the drizzle suddently become a heavy downpour.

The person on the right is emo

And as you guess, I got myself drenched.
And today I was planning to return the books to the library, they are a little wet only though, but the copy of document from my senior got drenched, and currently looks like @#$%.

And Monash Sunway campus has minimum cover, to get from a building to another building in a quick way, there are no roof between buildings, hence it will be freakin' wet.
I had to use the lift, go up 3 floors, went through buildings and use a lift to get back down..

Wonder why they can't build some roof between buildings.

Life is hard..