Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shit faces in community

When people live in a society/community, they will meet others and get known to peoples.

There is a chance where peoples would met a black sheep, which will constantly ruin your life or at the very least, causing you to have a bad day.

For example, when A was had trouble, and wanted to know the opinion of other people to known about the situation (such as polling), that shit face would notice about that poll and convince others to sabotage the poll, making the poll creator felt like shit.

After the poll creator found out who is the shit face, the shit face proudly say in front of that guy, stating that annoying him is his goal, not knowing that he is one of the (main) causes that the poll creator to panic and seek for public opinion.

Message of the day: If you had been/being/planning to be a shit face, try putting your shoes on the person that you had been "shit-faced" and think of what they will think, especially that you are causing the panic attack in the first place.


Anonymous said...

In the first place, using your example of a poll, only some low-life creature will take offense with something as tiny as that. Get a life dude! getting 'panic attacks' and 'bad day's over a poll result? I belive ure refering to the recent poll that you put up for a very brief period of time. its an OPEN online poll ffs. Sabotage or not its an OPEN poll and people who vote are NOT obliged to give honest answers. I guess thats the reason ure attracting trouble in the first place.
And i think the reason ure getting so worked up is because people didnt vote in favor of you, so why dont you just please yourself by removing the other choices, and force people to vote for that one answer that will make you happy?
Do yourself a favor, buy yourself a nice cup of icey starbucks, get a 'HOW TO GROW UP for dummies' book, sit down and relax!

Shiphire said...

If you don't know me, I take things personally,

The fact that a guy calling a bunch of people o sabotage my poll is true.
And I have to go to the police station because of that, and the guy that started the sabotage announced to me that he is happy seeing me frustrated.

I do not need a friend like this.

I guess I won't fetch him to Sunway no more. Seeing him so happy making me angry.