Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crappy early downpour..

Today I know it will be a shitty day..
And it is just 7.30am on my place..

Parked my car on the parking lot, while walking half way, there is a drizzle.
Within 30 seconds, the drizzle suddently become a heavy downpour.

The person on the right is emo

And as you guess, I got myself drenched.
And today I was planning to return the books to the library, they are a little wet only though, but the copy of document from my senior got drenched, and currently looks like @#$%.

And Monash Sunway campus has minimum cover, to get from a building to another building in a quick way, there are no roof between buildings, hence it will be freakin' wet.
I had to use the lift, go up 3 floors, went through buildings and use a lift to get back down..

Wonder why they can't build some roof between buildings.

Life is hard..

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