Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things I notice today (27 Apr 08)

The world never stop moving. Good things and bad things happens all the time, despite the severity of it.

Today I noticed a reckless driver while I am having dinner on the street. That guy places his granddaughter (I kinda know that guy) on his lap while he was driving, allowing access for her to the dash board, the wipers, signals, wiper fluid all under her possession, and this happens when his still driving. then that guy parked his car without showing the signal, almost causing an accident, but he does not care about it, after he stopped his car, he still allows her to click everywhere.. Darn that guy, for god's sake, discipline yourself AND your daughter. It won't be fun if something happens.

Then I notice someone that are sweeping the floor at the hawker store beside the one I was at. That sweeper does not sweep the dry leaves to this side of the hawker store, or to the drain., but to a plastic bag prepared. Though this type of act are unnoticeable, it got into me. Its still a good deed, though it was light and unnoticeable.

That concludes of what I thought today, and now I had to face the reality and finish my genetics report! Damn stress!!!


Haney said...

Wah, the driver is committing a dangerous act! I wonder how he focus on the road..

sandi said...

What you do not see! Life goes on! Differnet things like this can really bother me also!