Friday, May 2, 2008

Sakae Sushi!

Watched Ironman today!!
The movie is damn cool! Recommended for everyone!!

Later at 3, the disbanded gang gone to Sakae Sushi.
They charge at MYR25++ per person for student price for their buffet.
Though later after adding the drinks, it divided to MYR31 per person.
Their buffet is kinda unfair. They only allow us to take cheap stuffs, if the plate is red, they will charge them normally.. Damn managers! (I took managing last time.. They have lots of skills under their sleeves.)

Their food.. overall is just nice. According to Joe, within the limitation of the buffet he thinks that the soft shell crab is the best. It tastes quite nice actually, its worth a try. Other stuffs are normal.. Or should I say.. the ingredients content are noticeably thinner than sushi king.

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Portia said...

hahahahaha!it really sucks if quality service is not good,my friend.But i do enjoy buffet as well especially if there are really lots of varieties to choose from. Enjoy your weekend,my friend!