Wednesday, August 29, 2007

OH S#|T!!


I had finished the biotech video assignment a week ago!
But I've forgotten to submit it!!
I submitted it 3 hours after the due date!!!


LOL situation 2

today, when i checked my blog, i noticed something damn funny...

You guys which browsed my site carefullt may had noticed that on the left side of my blog, there is a google pagerank thingy.

When I noticed it, IT WAS 6!!!

I was shocked fell damn weird, since my blog is kinda new and sucky.

Then I refresh it and the thing changed back to normal....
To N/A again.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good news! But more bad news~~~

Uh oh!
The administrator if the assignment reset my marks so that I could start over again for the test, thank god.
Later in the afternoon I finish it without much disturbance since I used maxis broadband connection provided in Monah campus instead of the streamyx.

But today morning, before I drive, i stepped on the mine my dog laid on the ground, which I noticed only after I stepped on it. Bad way to start a day huh, not to mention I need to hand in a 1500 words essay, which due 2 days later which I haven't read any resource for it.

Today is suer gonna be a bz day.

Pray for me please!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bad event

Today is a really bad day.. Kinda

When attempting on the online quiz which limited for a duration of an hour for one of my subject in Monash university, the internet connection crapped out on the 30th minute.

It takes about 5 minutes for the internet connection to be resurrected.

Normally when a test is interrupted on the midway, the timer of the test would stop. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason the timer continues, when i resume the time passed is on about 37 minutes.

Worst still, when i get back into the test, the first 20 question which i had attempted had been reset.

NOW I had to finish 40 questions within 23 minutes...

After rushing like hell for answers, the time ended when I still have 9 question unanswered.

That's why i hate cheaply constructed java programs, which always fail.
The connection on Malaysia is still as shitty as ever, causing me my important marks.

The only hope now is that the subject caretaker would notice my email sent to him and give me some time extention for the test..

In conclusion, I hate java based programs and Malaysian internet connection..

Maybe I had to switch to Maxis broadband.. Think that it would be better than the Malaysian streamyx. On the mean time I just had to bear with it..

Friday, August 24, 2007

Reality.. Funny isn't it? sarcastic

Light skin people wanted to tan their skin
Dark skin people wanted to lighten their tone of skin.

Straight hair people wanted to curl their hair.
Curled hair people wanted to straighten their hair.

Very developed country wanted to have more nature.
Undeveloped country want high technology.

Now majority of human are having very less and less same ideal..
One of them is:
Fat people wanna get slim.
Slim people wanna get slimmer.


Web page to visit if you're bored

Here is another webpage, consisting of funny pictures, funny videos, and funny stuffs the author of this site could think of.

Remember to see his college saga, his skill is exceptional for a person like him!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

LoL situations

There is once i had a family reunion dinner.
The family members are to gather in the grandparents' house.
While dinner:

Dad: Do you want to nibble this duck head?
Grandpa: No, you can have it.
Dad: No can do, its poisonous!(In the sense of high cholesterol or some sort.

Then the people around loled.


Seems kinda bored though...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wow! Military weapons!

Today on the way back after eating bakuteh, I saw a military artillery parked on the high way, I was like... What the hell?!

Never thought that i could saw a real thing in my life though!

But I think it is not as high tech as those military ones with GPS missile targeting or frag artilleries.

Motor showing!

There are alot of drifting programs today.
There a many hot racing girls here.
All of them are tall and gorgeous.
If you're a racing girl, please add me to my friendster.

Everytime I saw a beautiful girl, I'll feel very lonely~
Never had a girlfriend since born!!~~~

Friday, August 17, 2007

Events today (17 AUGUST 2007) after 4.00pm

after 4pm everything is like shit.
There should be around 20 ppl working on the drifting safety thingy, we should put tyres on trees and lamp poles so ensure the safety of the drifters. but all of the other f***ers slack off, so at the end we ended up doing all tires, there are around 7 trees, each trees needed 4 stacks, each stacks needed 5 tires. It feels shit that you're the only one doing the work.

As a lesson, Malaysian mostly likes to slack off as frequently as possible.
Don't take responsibilities which will bring yourself into a deep shit situation.

Events today (17 AUGUST 2007) before 4.00pm

Today damn weird, at first I am with my friends to hear they play their instruments.
Two of them have guitar and one of them has a violin.
At first they play and play on the hot roof top.
On the second meeting today, we illegally stay in an unused lecture theater. And as usual, they train again.
Then some of them started abusing the microphone available there by simply singing and enhancing their instruments' volume.
Then I joined in the abusing by simply singing a few lines.
Unexpectedly they suddenly said that my voice is nice (which I don't think quite so)
Then they recorded a session with their digital camera on the song "You're beautiful"
Dunno whether will they upload the vids or not, lol.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

funny Pics 3

This picture is damn sarcastic.
Dunno when i had found it.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Submission 3

Free Image Hosting at

This is a slightly upgrade of the previous version.
I photoshopped it to reduce the flaw of the original picture. lol...

Bad omen

Thursday "mata" find me, Friday fever, Saturday nose bleed, Sunday again continue nose bleed, is this a bad omen before something happen to me?
What a chain of disaster is this~!

Wasted a lot of tissues wiping blood, sink covered in blood, hands also covered in blood.
Blood smells like steel ya' know?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Submission 2

Free Image Hosting at

The 2nd pic i drew myself.
Its actually very hard to draw a picture which I could actually submit it to the blog..

Friday, August 3, 2007

Life Lesson 2

The lesson I learned at 02 August is to not be considerate to other people.
I'm at the photostating machine, printing the sources for my essay.

It takes quite some time, but when i get to my last stack of paper which needed to photostat, a girl approached me and ask whether could she photostat first since her notes are quite little.

I let her and then when i realized, all people queuing behind followed the line, which means I had been excluded from the first line. Then i had to queue up again to wait for my turn again.

The lesson from this incident is learn how to say NO to people.
Malaysians (includin all three races) always takes advantages from other people.
F**ki' B*tCh.

In other words, show no mercy, stay stern or you may get stepped down or kicked to the back of the list.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Comic 1: Accident

This is hand drawn by me, it's too short and simple though.
Although this comic is not copyrighted, please inform before posting it somewhere else.
Feel Free to comment.

The previously uploaded images suddenly gone berserk, so i changed the paths of them.
So nothing wrong now.

Funny Pics 2

Image Hosted by
By shiphire at 2007-07-31

To relieve some stress from the previous post, I had uploaded this funny gif file.
The best solution for stress is not alcohol, but laughter and stupid (but safe) things.

Life's lesson 1

Group bombarded marathon.
Had been bombarded for almost a week.
Is life in university like this?
Am I having a face problem? Maybe my attitude is bad? *I think mostly is face problem*

Learned some lessons.
You don't talk, maybe they'll got no chance to bombard you.
If you're being bombarded, just shut up and ignore. They may get fed up and stop.
Don't try to cast a bombardment on other person as it may be reflected towards the caster.

Conclusion: In other words, just shut up.