Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Life's lesson 1

Group bombarded marathon.
Had been bombarded for almost a week.
Is life in university like this?
Am I having a face problem? Maybe my attitude is bad? *I think mostly is face problem*

Learned some lessons.
You don't talk, maybe they'll got no chance to bombard you.
If you're being bombarded, just shut up and ignore. They may get fed up and stop.
Don't try to cast a bombardment on other person as it may be reflected towards the caster.

Conclusion: In other words, just shut up.


AdrianC said...

welll i dun think you should do that. i mean if you really dont like it, just tell them honestly how you feel. simple words like 'I dont like it when you say that'. or 'please respect me and its not funny' can do wonders. no body know how it feels to be you. then people will know.

because some friends like to bombard each other. its nice to have some laugh sometimes but not all like it.

p.s if you are saddened by me (ever) bombarding you, i apologise :)

Shiphire said...

just now was just an act lol.
just teachin' some skills to other people which really mind when they are bombarded.

AdrianC said...

hahah bombardment survival tips? :p