Friday, August 24, 2007

Reality.. Funny isn't it? sarcastic

Light skin people wanted to tan their skin
Dark skin people wanted to lighten their tone of skin.

Straight hair people wanted to curl their hair.
Curled hair people wanted to straighten their hair.

Very developed country wanted to have more nature.
Undeveloped country want high technology.

Now majority of human are having very less and less same ideal..
One of them is:
Fat people wanna get slim.
Slim people wanna get slimmer.



AdrianC said...

haha not girls wanna get bigger boobs and men wanna get larger penis? LOLOL

The Malaysian Life said...

This is a very good observation. Yes I do agree. Human beings are never satisfied with whom they are and what they have.

Jade Z. said...

this is an entry i'll always remember from now on ; unintentionally . hahaha !!!

Shiphire said...

Wow, never thought that this topic would attract this much people here though~ lol