Friday, August 3, 2007

Life Lesson 2

The lesson I learned at 02 August is to not be considerate to other people.
I'm at the photostating machine, printing the sources for my essay.

It takes quite some time, but when i get to my last stack of paper which needed to photostat, a girl approached me and ask whether could she photostat first since her notes are quite little.

I let her and then when i realized, all people queuing behind followed the line, which means I had been excluded from the first line. Then i had to queue up again to wait for my turn again.

The lesson from this incident is learn how to say NO to people.
Malaysians (includin all three races) always takes advantages from other people.
F**ki' B*tCh.

In other words, show no mercy, stay stern or you may get stepped down or kicked to the back of the list.

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