Friday, November 27, 2009

1st online purchase in my life

Today, I purchased my first ever item over the internet from Razer!!
I used the money i earned from this blog since it started year ago, which income stopped two years ago (due to discrimination of my grammar?), LoL.

But the money I saved up in Paypal somehow is enough for Razer Moray+™ PAX mobile gaming communicator!

I had always wanted this item, but the shipping cost is almost identical to the cost of the product itself.
I received mail from Razer stating that orders within 48 hours will have its shipping fee waived!! I took this opportunity and buy this earphone as soon as possible. Its a gamble as I have not validated my paypal with a credit card. But paypal allows the transaction without much hassle! The transaction is done and now the product is being processed!

Not to mention that Razer Moray+ PAX mobile gaming communicator is a limited edition.

The unpacking of this purchase might be documented and posted on this blog! WOOHOO!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Excessive consumption of pork kidney leads to low sperm count.

Chinese article 吃猪腰进补 竟吃没了精子 (Excessive consumption of pork kidney leads to no sperm )

This article said that a person excessively consume pork kidney as it was rumored to "enhance" the health for a person wanting impregnation.

A couple wanting to have a child took pork kidney every day every meal through various cooking, but after 2 years, no impregnation happens. Hence the couple got worried and go for a check up. His wife turns out fine, but the problem lies on the male. Report shows that the male has very low sperm count, 1/5 lesser compared to normal human. After medication, the male went back for a follow up and it is known that the level of sperm is back to normal.

According to experts, pork kidney has high level of heavy metals, which has the potential to harm a preson.

Random article translation of health! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another step towards a Scientist

I finished up my thesis last month, and exam has just finished.
A presentation for the thesis is required to complete the research project.

Another step towards being a Scientist!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stress relieving show!!

Check out the Korean TV show under Infinity challenge (with English subs).

Its the best stress reliever I have found since half year ago, and its very ADDICTIVE!!
Lotsa crazy and funny stuff in this reality TV!!

Recommended for all age!!!

Resume blogging actively after exam?I

After this blog has not been active for about a year, the page rank "1" suddenly show up.

WOOHOO!! 1 pagerank!!!!