Thursday, November 26, 2009

Excessive consumption of pork kidney leads to low sperm count.

Chinese article 吃猪腰进补 竟吃没了精子 (Excessive consumption of pork kidney leads to no sperm )

This article said that a person excessively consume pork kidney as it was rumored to "enhance" the health for a person wanting impregnation.

A couple wanting to have a child took pork kidney every day every meal through various cooking, but after 2 years, no impregnation happens. Hence the couple got worried and go for a check up. His wife turns out fine, but the problem lies on the male. Report shows that the male has very low sperm count, 1/5 lesser compared to normal human. After medication, the male went back for a follow up and it is known that the level of sperm is back to normal.

According to experts, pork kidney has high level of heavy metals, which has the potential to harm a preson.

Random article translation of health! Hope you guys enjoy it!

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