Friday, November 27, 2009

1st online purchase in my life

Today, I purchased my first ever item over the internet from Razer!!
I used the money i earned from this blog since it started year ago, which income stopped two years ago (due to discrimination of my grammar?), LoL.

But the money I saved up in Paypal somehow is enough for Razer Moray+™ PAX mobile gaming communicator!

I had always wanted this item, but the shipping cost is almost identical to the cost of the product itself.
I received mail from Razer stating that orders within 48 hours will have its shipping fee waived!! I took this opportunity and buy this earphone as soon as possible. Its a gamble as I have not validated my paypal with a credit card. But paypal allows the transaction without much hassle! The transaction is done and now the product is being processed!

Not to mention that Razer Moray+ PAX mobile gaming communicator is a limited edition.

The unpacking of this purchase might be documented and posted on this blog! WOOHOO!!

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