Saturday, January 31, 2009

Malaysian internet connection


I had been trying to gain access to several websites, and the speed is just... @#$%%!!!

It takes more than 5 minutes to load a wikipedia page!!
What the hell are the maintenance people doing??

Maybe this is Malaysian quality control's quality~

Back to blogging

Its been a week since Chinese New Year.
Had been spending most of the time on grandparents' house.

Been wasting the rest of my time playing fallout 3, LoL. Character level 20 with multiple follower exploit, kinda crappy though.

Anyway, Happy Chinese new year.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Long gameplay lovers? This would interest you!

I am a game lover, though not skilled.
Played a number of FPS games recently, though most of them had short gameplay, finishes it within 2 days, LoL.

Games which I finishes within 2 days are:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: WWII
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Recently I'm playing Fallout 3. It has long gameplay. I had played it for almost a week, and I am nowhere near the ending I guess. Though it has TONS of BUGS. People in a certain town attack me when I am not doing anything, LoL.. Character got stucked in certain places, and etc.

Nevertheless it provides a long gameplay, which I strive for. If you can bear the bugs, this game is a go for you~.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cockroach encountered? Just @#$% it!

Ever find yourself facing with the dark shiny insect in the bathroom?
I did, numerous times, LoL~

Here is a random post on how to face it, LoL~ Though it is limited to peoples which will not scream their heads off and run out at a random direction.

Most bathroom have a toilet brush, used to wash the toilet bowl. The brush could be used as a weapon. If is easier to use compared to a rolled papers. It is harder, you can precisely target it, and it might spare you the step where you need to handle the cockroach to dispose of it, LoL~ When you use the brush, there are times where the cockroach will get stuck between the brush. If it did happen, knock it off into the toilet bowl, and let it has its watery death

You might need a side weapon, any detachable shower would be good. It will be used to flush the cockroach out if it reaches an inaccessible area for the brush, LoL~

The major drawback is that this method is only limited on bathrooms. If it ran out of the room, you will have to use the conventional way, LoL~~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Europe Tour Day 4 and 5

Its day 4, and the tour is in Germany now. The first activity there is to have lunch... German style~~

The food serve is pork paws which is noticeably larger compared human's, German sausage, unknown pickled vegetables, fries, and rice. It was quite delicious though.. considering that if you ignore that there are some noticeable hair on the pork, not much though.

German pork paw.. or hand if you prefer it.

Bought my first memorable souvenir here. I bought a SwissCard Lite.. I'm a weird person ya know, this stuff should be bought in Switzerland, whereas I bought it in Germany.. Damn it!

SwissCard Lite! 13 functions!!

Later, lots of time wasted in the bus sleeping, doing nothing and trying to memorize some hiragana, LoL~

Reach the hotel late at night.. Too late I guess, the hotel door seems to be locked, LoL. Wasted sometime until they open the door for us.

Inside the room, they placed some chocolate Santa and a chocolate Bar. Forgot to mention that day 4 is Christmas eve, LoL.

Chocolate Santa.. Which I placed in my bag the next day, forgetting about it. When I remembered it, it was... wasted, LoL~

Day 5, lots of sitting in the bus again, saw some old architectures.

*Yawn* Can't remember why I take this photo.

This is a photo of a castle on top of the hill. Not only one though, seems like there has a dozen of them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Virtually Clogged!!

My laptop has no external hard drive.
Not enough space for anything (except 1 or 2 more episodes of 30 minute show)!!!
Only about 300MB left on my partitioned hard drive!!

Hope that I get an external hard drive soon, or my entertainment needs will be crippled~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Europe Tour Day 2 and 3

Just want to get over with this, it seems that it too troublesome to separate it to parts. I am just plain lazy, LoL.

Day 2 is plain boring, LoL~ Just get over with it with some snack's photo.
Pocky (chocolate or strawberry sticks)lovers should find no problem without their addictive sticks. They are found in Europe regions too, LoL.

Here are the evidence of existence of "pocky", LoL. Came in a different name, same company though... maybe.

The second day, went to Mountain Titlis, a skiing mountain. Its covered in natural snow apparently. Its damn cold, almost got frostbite when I handle the snow on my hands for an extended period. Like other people says, it felt like thousand needles.

Skiing mountain view.

Mountain view from the edge.

Dug a hole, draw a picture instantly and put the paper in. Prove of Shiphire has been there, LoL~

The day ended with a cup of Starbucks Chocolate. Forgot to take a picture of the chocolate though, heh.

Start the next day with Starbucks Christmas special cherry latte and toffe nut latte.

Toffe nut latte~ Not as good as the one I get in Genting Highland (肯定害人).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Learning new language

Some of my friends should know that I am trying to learn Japanese at my own time, at a very slow progressive manner.

During the trip at Europe.. A freakin' 70% of the time is wasted in the bus while we are being transported from place to place. I took some of the time to learn writing Hiragana (ひらがな or 平仮名). I now can write them, but it will take some time as I am still not familiar with it. Seems that its time to learn Katakana (カタカナ or 片仮名).

Wish me luck on that!


Related to the post previously under "Shit Happens", my 160GB hard drive containing programs, works, and shows.. *Singing* Its flying without wings~~

Damn it!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lost Dog?

My mom has found a lost dog.
That dog for some reason followed my mom's car (Atos), for quite a distance until she reached home.
If anyone lost this dog, please contact me.
Its originally saw around Taman Sri Petaling.

Shit Happens

What will happen if you're not at home, while one of your stuffs got spoiled and need repair, while not consulting you?

Part of the item will go *poof*.

Lesson to all:
Don't act on your own if the stuffs you attempting to repair is not yours. If problem arises, you will be the one the owner blames.

By the way, I am the co-owner/maintainer of the stuff which was partly *poof*ed.

Damn you!! Sabotager!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Europe Trip Day1 Part 2

The tour goes to a cruise, where it passes several famous spots of Paris, including the origin point of Paris, where it is quite small.

The Notredame, where the cartoon hunch back of Notredame takes place. This is the real deal.Notredame



Random photo of ducks. There are tons of them there, even sea gulls and some large birds which I don't know its name.
Some kinda pyramid structure.

I am the worst guide, LoL~
Can't even remember the details of the stuffs I went to see.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Europe Trip Day 1 Part 1

The tour starts at Paris, where old buildings are preferred over modern ones.
They conserve the old buildings by tons of Law, not allowing the owners to renovate it as they like.

If the renovations are approved, it will take a very long time before it will be opened again.

Well.. Being in Paris means that I should go to the Eiffel tower, which the tour did.

Figure 1: The ticket to board the lift to the 2nd level

Figure 2: The back of the ticket

Figure 3. Eiffel tower shot taken from its base

Figure 4. View from 2nd level of the tower

Figure 4. Views from 2nd level of the tower above the stairs. Lots of net to prevent people from jumping out.

To be continued..
Too much photos to be uploaded, and Flickr does not have multiple photo publishing capabilities.. Had to use Blogger's "add image" to add 5 picture at a time.

Bad news to Link-exchanger

My "bloglist"has gone down the drain due to unknown reason and did not remember removing them.

Whoever who had exchange links with me please leave a post here so that I could reestablish it.

1st phone post below

The postbelow is posted through my phone.
Its quite useful when I am out.

Here is the guide to the usage of Lifeblog to post into Blogger.

Its quite noticeable that the previous post is posted using Lifeblog through Flickr since the format are kinda weird compared to normal posts..

Close up!

Close up!
Originally uploaded by shiphire
Mon 15/12/2008 14:21 15122008816 A closer look on the armor's crotch. Forgot to upload this from my phone LoL.My 1st post using Lifeblog on my phone.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Post Europe tour 1

Before the trip, I stayed at Leeds for several days, and visited several places.
Here are some pictures.

Figure 1: Met some squirrels at the park in York. They are used to crowds since visitors feed them. There are some pigeons too. Compared their pigeon and squirrel to the ones on Malaysia, They are noticeably larger.

The royal armories. Contain armors, medieval weapons, armors, and some modern weapons. You could even hold an unarmed sub-machine gun. I hold one, took a picture, but the photo is in another camera.

Still in the royal armories, This is a full armor. Notice the bulge on his crotch? The dude which had wore it must be god like.

Some Gothic church.. Which details I don't remember.

The Jet Lag continues

Once again, I slept at 6am and woke at 4pm..

Help me!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jet Lag!!!

I just woke up.. And it's already 3.50pm..

Damn you!! Jet Lag!!!

Seems that I need a few days to adjust my body to counter the jet lag..
Slept at 4.30am yesterday by the way...

Its because that I have been living in GMT 0:00 time zone for almost a whole month...

Friday, January 2, 2009

The laptop is manned again

Just came back from the trip.
Once again the laptop is manned again, but unfortunately the pagerank has gone down to the drain LoL.

Its a day late but Happy New Year to all!