Thursday, January 15, 2009

Europe Tour Day 4 and 5

Its day 4, and the tour is in Germany now. The first activity there is to have lunch... German style~~

The food serve is pork paws which is noticeably larger compared human's, German sausage, unknown pickled vegetables, fries, and rice. It was quite delicious though.. considering that if you ignore that there are some noticeable hair on the pork, not much though.

German pork paw.. or hand if you prefer it.

Bought my first memorable souvenir here. I bought a SwissCard Lite.. I'm a weird person ya know, this stuff should be bought in Switzerland, whereas I bought it in Germany.. Damn it!

SwissCard Lite! 13 functions!!

Later, lots of time wasted in the bus sleeping, doing nothing and trying to memorize some hiragana, LoL~

Reach the hotel late at night.. Too late I guess, the hotel door seems to be locked, LoL. Wasted sometime until they open the door for us.

Inside the room, they placed some chocolate Santa and a chocolate Bar. Forgot to mention that day 4 is Christmas eve, LoL.

Chocolate Santa.. Which I placed in my bag the next day, forgetting about it. When I remembered it, it was... wasted, LoL~

Day 5, lots of sitting in the bus again, saw some old architectures.

*Yawn* Can't remember why I take this photo.

This is a photo of a castle on top of the hill. Not only one though, seems like there has a dozen of them.

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