Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cockroach encountered? Just @#$% it!

Ever find yourself facing with the dark shiny insect in the bathroom?
I did, numerous times, LoL~

Here is a random post on how to face it, LoL~ Though it is limited to peoples which will not scream their heads off and run out at a random direction.

Most bathroom have a toilet brush, used to wash the toilet bowl. The brush could be used as a weapon. If is easier to use compared to a rolled papers. It is harder, you can precisely target it, and it might spare you the step where you need to handle the cockroach to dispose of it, LoL~ When you use the brush, there are times where the cockroach will get stuck between the brush. If it did happen, knock it off into the toilet bowl, and let it has its watery death

You might need a side weapon, any detachable shower would be good. It will be used to flush the cockroach out if it reaches an inaccessible area for the brush, LoL~

The major drawback is that this method is only limited on bathrooms. If it ran out of the room, you will have to use the conventional way, LoL~~~

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