Monday, January 5, 2009

Europe Trip Day 1 Part 1

The tour starts at Paris, where old buildings are preferred over modern ones.
They conserve the old buildings by tons of Law, not allowing the owners to renovate it as they like.

If the renovations are approved, it will take a very long time before it will be opened again.

Well.. Being in Paris means that I should go to the Eiffel tower, which the tour did.

Figure 1: The ticket to board the lift to the 2nd level

Figure 2: The back of the ticket

Figure 3. Eiffel tower shot taken from its base

Figure 4. View from 2nd level of the tower

Figure 4. Views from 2nd level of the tower above the stairs. Lots of net to prevent people from jumping out.

To be continued..
Too much photos to be uploaded, and Flickr does not have multiple photo publishing capabilities.. Had to use Blogger's "add image" to add 5 picture at a time.

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