Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another japanese prank

Robbers, police, gunshots, cars, crash, explosion!

Ultimate LoL Japanese prank

Monday, October 22, 2007


Wanna annoy your friend?

give this link to them and call them to visit.

Once open the Internet Explorer user would experience crash on his IE.


LoL video

LoL Japanese Game show

Friday, October 19, 2007

LoL celebration

Yesterday (18 Oct) my SAM friends intend to have a gathering to farewell to other friend. For some unknown reason I kept boasting about my birthday, which is a day later. We had dinner on the Manhattan Fish Market, which is quite expensive, so i ordered the Alaska and chips, which is MYR16 and a bottomless sprite drink which is MYR6 (both before tax). One of the friend which is very gay kept teasing me throughout the dinner.

After we finished eating we walked around without any target and we left after some time since most of the shop there were closed.

After I get back home and prepared to sleep (ignore the process between the sleeping and driving, lazy to write worthless things), The gay fella call me up and say that actually they had pay for my bill, and he call me to check the front portion of my bag.. There were MYR24 (After tax, lol) there in my bag.

He always does that though, still remembered that he does that to my other friend quite frequently, putting it to his bag, shoes, pocket... What the heck is he thinking by the way?!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Garagers alert!

Do you have a garage at home? But looking all messy and dull?
Here is a solution on garages

On this site they offer a lot of things to be placed in the garage, whether the garage is for car storage, bike storage or whatever you place inside.

They offer various types of cabinet for you to organize all your things, from bolts to oils.
And their cabinets looks kinda cool though.

They also offer all other kind of things such as work bench, tool box, wall plates and all other kind of stuffs.

Visit here to check them out!

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LoL recording

Sean Kingston Lyrics
Beautiful Girls Lyrics
Me and my friends recorded 1 song, damn funny.

Before the recording, we trained for a while though, I still have the clip, but it is too crappy to be posted, yeah! I meant it, crappier than the 1 here!
We play in an order of 4 ppl:
Starting LoL talking part and 1st part Mr. A,
2nd Mr. B,
3rd Mr. C,
4th part Mr.D and
5th part, all together.

Guess which one is me?

Without Internet..

Wow.. Yesterday night the electric power of my house gone nuts.
The fuse jumped alot of times in half an hour.. which causes the settings on my modem to go insane..
Good thing i have some "skills" on correcting pc things up, now I am recovered!~

Now still currently in search of what is causing the fuse tripping..

Maybe the 19 year old fridge which my family which started using since I am born..

ps. the fridge may be older than me, lol.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Holidays coming! Large expenses on gifts? Read here!

Holiday is close by! My birthday is close by! What should you get me for my birthday or Christmas presents?! Here is a solution!

This site which is called as coupon chief contains tons of different types of coupons, which allow people to use it to get cheaper stuff as present. For instance, people could use the coupon from Dell coupons to get a thumb drive with a cheaper price to give it as gifts to other people; or they could visit coupons to check out the coupons, which contain a lot of coupons for apple products (mostly iPod type of merchandise though) to give it to other people. I’m sure they will like it (as the new generation of technologies, lol).

The steps are easy though, click on the link they provided, and just proceed as normal and you would get the benefits from the coupon.


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

vocal training part 1

I found an interesting post on vocal training, which should improve the vocal of yours.
Since I always thought that I does not have a nice voice while my friends tried to jam with me which I does not know any instruments, i decided to improve my vocal instead, lol.

Feelin like goin' to a trip?

Fed up of the pile-up stress while work or while studying?
Go on a vacation! Leave all the works behind you (temporary though) and have some time enjoying and relaxing before you got your head blasted off through your roof by stress.

Hotel Reservations
There’s a nice website though, which allow people to call them or register online for their vacation. They could arrange your vacation stay to a large selection of hotels, from Australia to Portugal hotels. They have a function to check whether the destination of your interest has a hotel and if there are, you could register it there. The vacation spots are pretty simple to be checked, just find your destination and input you time of stay and they would just check the availability of the hotel on the area. They also could arrange flights for you to the vacation spots through the net. Just by entering your departure city and arrival city, they could arrange a place for the plane for you. All steps for registering are very clear and easy to understand.

They have a vacation rental tab, which allow us to find the rentals around the area of the desirable destination, though most of it concentrates on Europe and Asia though it is very limited.
They also offer vacation packages, which allow a lot of selections, whether is a one destination package or two destination packages, which allows you to visit two place in a row! Next they would allow you to choose the type of vacation package. It has 4 packages, varying on the availability of flight or vehicle.

They also include a feature of road trip for USA, which allow people there to find a place to visit which are close and they could also go back in the same day. It could be browsed on Road trip.

Their pricing are relatively cheap, compared to other vacation agencies available, their price could be checked on here.
For peoples with tighter budget, they also provide a special internet rate price guarantee, which after verifying the lower rate; they could either match the lower rate or cancel the reservation without a cancellation fee. For more information please visit here.

Hotel Reservations

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Funny Videos 2

LoL counter stike

And there is a second part for this video, could link to it on the youtube site though.

Most of my friend LoLed when they see this clip, and does anyone know how they made their grenade so strong? they flew so far~

Peoples having too much time makin this type of CS, though it is very fun, enjoy it while you can, Exam starto Desu!!~~

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Comic Strip 3

Malaysian Experience 1
Road Experience (High Lights)

Did those people using high light bothering you and your vision?
They increase the accidental rates on the road.

Wanna let them taste the same thing?

By installing a Spot light with a light sensitive diode, you can let them taste their own faults.
When there are no High lighters around, the diode will not be shined and hence the spot light will not function. WHILE they are here, the light sensitive diode would then activate and hence the spot light would be on, giving them their own taste of light, on their face.. literally.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Weird things happen..

For an unknown reason, i missed someone's call twice and he left me a voice message.
the number seems international though.

That is a foreign english guy, he say things with an accent which I can't understand. And request to call him back.

What do I have to do with them?
I just decided to ignore them, because it seems that the guy have a wrong number.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Funny Videos 1

Dutch LIVE TV "Medical surgeries gone wrong" Goof

Stupid announcer laugh at surgery-gone-wrong-guy with high-pitched voice..
Ultimately rude but funny.