Friday, October 19, 2007

LoL celebration

Yesterday (18 Oct) my SAM friends intend to have a gathering to farewell to other friend. For some unknown reason I kept boasting about my birthday, which is a day later. We had dinner on the Manhattan Fish Market, which is quite expensive, so i ordered the Alaska and chips, which is MYR16 and a bottomless sprite drink which is MYR6 (both before tax). One of the friend which is very gay kept teasing me throughout the dinner.

After we finished eating we walked around without any target and we left after some time since most of the shop there were closed.

After I get back home and prepared to sleep (ignore the process between the sleeping and driving, lazy to write worthless things), The gay fella call me up and say that actually they had pay for my bill, and he call me to check the front portion of my bag.. There were MYR24 (After tax, lol) there in my bag.

He always does that though, still remembered that he does that to my other friend quite frequently, putting it to his bag, shoes, pocket... What the heck is he thinking by the way?!

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