Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exam mode on... Again..

Once again exam is nearby: 4th February.
MGW1010 is a tough exam, all subjective and 1 essay is needed.

Last time I done this my assignments are okay but the @#$% herdal costs me another MYR6000++.
And they did not provide past year papers for revisions.
Darn that is a nice way to get cash over and over again.

And I had to remember tons of theories for this coming freakin exam.

May everyone pray for me!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Things done on 25 January

Once again gone out with Adrian and Joe.

Reached at campus at 8, WAITED to 9 only Joe came, and he still needs to find his lecturer to do something.

Then I drive us to Sunway Pyramid. After buying some breads, we walked like @#$% bored till 11.00 only wanna go into movie.

After handing the tickets to the @#$% ticket receiver, she says says no outside food allowed in. @#$% her!We decided to stuff our breads into our pocket and walk through.
After Stuffing our stuffs, I can't find the ticket!!
We decided to go the the same corner where we stuffed our foods into our pockets to take them out and check our pockets.
Finally only I found that I had instinctively took the tickets and place it to my pocket.

Later after 2 shows, we all head to Shanq's uncle's cafe to have a sip.
Things are going right, till later, while fetching Joe and Adrian to the station, the Fartin' Joe farted in my car. One of the thing I hate in my life is that people are not respectfully of my items.
Pissed me off.

Lesson learned:
1. Don't try to sneak outside food into cinema unless you have a backpack or freakin big pockets.
2. Put a list of what people should not do in your car. Especially things that would piss you off till you could not concentrate on driving and will kill all of them. Including the culprit and the innocent inhalers (In this case, death before crash, suffocate till death.)
3. Freakin scold them shit when they are suggesting shits.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Intelligent people?

To the people who think that they are stupid or dumb, see this clip and feel relieved that you did not live in US.

Q: How many sides does a triangle have?
A: I don't know, 4?

Q: What is the religion of a Buddhist monk?
A: Um... Muslim.

Q: What is a mosque?
A: Don't have any idea.
Q: Wanna guess?
A: An animal.

Q: How many kidneys does a person has?
A: *Without thinking and swiftly* One.

And for them Iran/North Korea/France is in Australia, LoL~

This is a second clip, another LoL americans, LoL~

Malaysian "Engrish"

Its about 1 year ago, when I take MAS airline to visit China or something with my parents.
They give out some accessory to kids, for some reason they give it to me (which is 18 at that time).

There is a stack of memorizing cards, like those you could play on astro, flip up a card and find a match, only that this is manual.

Then I noticed that the "leaf" picture are accompanied by the description of "Leave", LoL~

I had scanned the picture for peoples to refer. LoL~

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Engrish again!

All pictures above are real, and found at engrish.

I wonder why they don;t double check before using them on public, LoL~

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Prank from japan again. Crazy ultimate taxi!

This is one of the best pranks I saw on youtube, the freakin taxi driver is really skilled! LoL~

Friday, January 18, 2008

PayPal done its job.. Halfway only thoungh

They had successfully reversed the @#$% transaction done my a @#$% person. Now at last I had back my money again~

But all Payperpost/smorty/sponsored reviews does not have any thing right for me to post!
No income at all~

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Japanese Ultimate Prank!!

This video is ultimate!
Ultimate disguise and ultimate response from peoples.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Call of Duty 4!! Hamachi!!

After days and days of trying to find a bot for CoD4, I found a Hamachi!

Really, I dunno whatza hamachi till mow, ain't me out of date?

But my pc just kept disconnecting on the hamachi for some unknown reason, it takes 20 minutus to connect and it would just stay alive for around 10 minutes...

I think Streamyx contributed on those, LoL~

Now the hamachi has stabilised and I am constantly connected to it.
But I ended up not using it, I find those cracked servers instead, which needs no hamachi.

If you are using 1.5, is a nice 1.
If its a 1.4, then is for you, though has lesser player.

Edit [23 April]
After posting this site for almost 3 months and people are still coming in.
Just to add this website:

This link consists of private servers for call of duty.

Update 17 May: 28960 seems to be unavailable anymore.
Use instead.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fun things are meant to be shared.. Stare on this! LoL!!

Sports disaster, including baseball, karate, baseball, baseball, high jump, water skiing, snow skiing and finally, baseball.

Funny commercial

Some bored people use this game to release some serious LoL stress.

Enjoy, LoL.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Target acquired! Closing in for capture, Package must be alive, or it does not mean anything! Fall Out Marines!!!

Found this thing some time ago, after observation for days, I had confirmed that the target is the one I had wanted, fitted to the requirements of the case I wanted. And now I will have a strategy to acquire it, the planning takes around 2 years, where access to Australia MAY be available to me and I would move in to the best possible position and reason for me to get it.

For people who were still confused on what I am saying, this is what I mean, LoL:

I saw a N82 and my attention was caught on that since 2 months ago.
The stats of the phone fits my requirements (which involves a lot of game installing) and extra applications. The most important point is that it is a S60 3rd edition phone, since all the applications I had collected for my previous lost phone are that edition, I could reuse all of the applications. Maybe in 2 years time I may get to Australia to do my honors or masters if I could still hang on. When I got to Australia then I need to register for phone service, thats when I will move in and choose that phone. The plans may change though, and the target could sway away~~

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shitty life again

Once again I encountered problems on my blog.
Once again I am faced with account termination, this time is bidvertiser, saying that I clicked on my own ads. Of course I would IF and only IF click on the ads if it attracted my attention so that I would click it.

Now I had filed a request and clarify the self clicking thingy.

Hope that matter does not get worse.

The worse week ever, 57USD got stolen, rushing for assignment and now this.

If they reject me, point a gun at my eye socket dude!

#$%^&* IT!

Tagging? 1st time.

I’ve been tagged by Selfobliged. I dunno what else to do, so I'll just post to 5 person I guess...

list the original link plus 5 additional link from me. And the 5 additional link that I have listed need to list 5 links of their own.
Means that the link will grow exponentially 5,25,125…+ until infinity
By doing this will help you to gain your rank Technorati, PageRank and many more.


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  2. Link Addiction
  3. Ardour of the Heart
  4. When Life Becomes a Book
  5. The Malaysian Life
  7. What goes under the sun
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  23. Eddy

New Victims:
1. Adrian Choy
2. Joe-hg
3. Kavi
4. Lina
5. Su Lynn
6. Speedcat

Friday, January 11, 2008

I've got robbed!! Virtual Reality Rob!!

Heck! I had joined a fraud website which later the owner somehow got into my paypal account and transfer all my $ to his/her account. Be advised everyone! Use separate password for accounts with relation to money! Be warned and beware!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

LoL video again.. At last

Its a long time since I posted funny videos. Suddenly remembered about the fun video I had last time and found it on youtube. Enjoy, LoL.

There is another video which I had never seen b4, also LoL, though it is short (obviously, LoL.)

Now I noticed that in youtube there are alot of related videos, including loony toon.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Car accident!! Not me!!!

This afternoon (at around 1.15pm) I saw a police car sped to the highway outlet, which I am heading towards. Then he sped through and horn his siren at the school area, since it is congested for people to make way for him. Then he ran out of my sight. Then I drove to a junction, weirdly it is ultimately congested. Seconds later I saw the police parking a few meters from the junction, which a car accident has occurred. On my assumption the car on the coming to ward lane turned too fast before the car from the going forward lane had passed, as I evaluated the damage on the car and the screech marks on the road. Seems that no one is hurt though.

Drivers now adays are becoming less patient and more raged! Kinda includes my though, especially when I am stressed out or angry. Has been created!!

This blog now has a domain, is it:

Hope that peoples who had bookmarked this page (or not) change to that domain, as the original blogspot domain would be switched to that.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Well used the .tk for a day, but the banner seems kinda get on my bad side.

Tried to register for, if it works and does not have any extra problem, then the tk would be eliminated, LoL.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Registered for a ".tk" domain name

I had register this blog to a .tk domain name, which is:

But there is no way to remove its banner, which is kinda a nuisance.
Is there a legal way to remove it?
Is removing it through html code legal?

You still could visit this blog normally though though.

Please inform me if there is a way to remove it though html codings.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Things I had done on December

At December I Done reading 5 novels:
Da Vince Code
Starcraft : Liberty's Crusade
Starcraft: Shadow of Xel'naga
Starcraft: Speed of Darkness
Starcraft: Queen of blades
Starcraft: The Dark Templar Saga Book 2

I really wanna get the book 1 and and book 3 of the dark templar saga!~~
Overall the ones I recommend on is:
Da Vince Code
Starcraft : Liberty's Crusade
Starcraft: Shadow of Xel'naga
Starcraft: The Dark Templar Saga Book 2

The dark templar saga is nice but without the book 1, many things could not be understand!~
And davinci code is a very nice to read on the novel, the story is a little vary from the movie, but there are more understanding on the novel. Such as the Atbash coding, where Z is A, Y is B and so on. Its very interesting to read and you would focused and imagine the scene of the story, hence increasing conceptual skills.

Get a hobby and start reading dudez!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Something I had though for a long time

I had thought some realistic life style of humans for quite some time.
I wonder do you guys think that humans are kinda the weirdest animal in terms of bad behaviors?

Humans are the only species that:
1. Pierce them self (In other words, hurting them selves).
2. Cut other animal's skin out and use it to put on their body.
3. Destroy nature? LoL, In a way.. (Animals shit to pollute, but humans have move way to pollute other than to shit, LoL)

There maybe are more but I just could think it till this now, keep brainstorming dudez!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Way of Advertising and Gaining $$$

Once again I am sticked to my computer for quite some time...

A new way of advertising will be commenced on 1st February.

It is an audio advertisement, which will play for 5seconds when people loads the page.

If the visitor stay at the page for 2 seconds, then the Payee will consider as a full message played and will give $.

It pays at minimum of 25$ through various way. Paypal is included.

Join it while early, Cause if you refer people to join, then you will gain commission from them.

So join under me!!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mind drifting..

These few days I have some problem bout my life~~

Been doing nothing except looking on my blog only, and there is already a second assignment waiting for me to finish it.

Its a management assignment again, this time a report with a ±10% of a 3000 word limit, due on 14 January!

And to say, the final paper will be in early February!

Heck my life is gonna #$%^ if this continues.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For People who kinda Have Problem in McD videogame

On the past post I had posted the Mc D game from other places, and there are peoples who can't quite survive on it, so now I will write a guide on its survival based on my playing "style", LoL.

1. Have at least 2 soy field, + GM crop
2. Have at least 8 cows at a same time
3. In the soy add hormones
4. Don't burn sick cows, let the consumers eat it
5. Marketing division n food pyramid and Mc D for 3rd world
6. Corrupt health officer
7. Ignore angry workers
8. Remember that the fertility of the fields will decrease as time goes, but it will remain constant if there is only 1 cow at a field
9. Only bulldozer forest when the environmentalist have a smiley face on them.

This is written by me based on my own experience.

A little help on my blog please

People! Need some help, how can I move the "Blog post" to the centre, The "About me" to the right and the "Shoutmix" to the left?

Been trying for hours now~

My blog's xml.

Thanks in advance.