Monday, January 21, 2008

Intelligent people?

To the people who think that they are stupid or dumb, see this clip and feel relieved that you did not live in US.

Q: How many sides does a triangle have?
A: I don't know, 4?

Q: What is the religion of a Buddhist monk?
A: Um... Muslim.

Q: What is a mosque?
A: Don't have any idea.
Q: Wanna guess?
A: An animal.

Q: How many kidneys does a person has?
A: *Without thinking and swiftly* One.

And for them Iran/North Korea/France is in Australia, LoL~

This is a second clip, another LoL americans, LoL~


Nux V said...

i hav watched the first clip before...
i guess some of those being interviewed r immigrants instead of pure americans.

Hani said...

I think someone is trying to sabo the americans :P