Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For People who kinda Have Problem in McD videogame

On the past post I had posted the Mc D game from other places, and there are peoples who can't quite survive on it, so now I will write a guide on its survival based on my playing "style", LoL.

1. Have at least 2 soy field, + GM crop
2. Have at least 8 cows at a same time
3. In the soy add hormones
4. Don't burn sick cows, let the consumers eat it
5. Marketing division n food pyramid and Mc D for 3rd world
6. Corrupt health officer
7. Ignore angry workers
8. Remember that the fertility of the fields will decrease as time goes, but it will remain constant if there is only 1 cow at a field
9. Only bulldozer forest when the environmentalist have a smiley face on them.

This is written by me based on my own experience.


Nux V said...

aha...some tips frm a professional!

Shiphire said...

LoL, I am nowhere close to that. Got that through trial and error.