Monday, January 14, 2008

Target acquired! Closing in for capture, Package must be alive, or it does not mean anything! Fall Out Marines!!!

Found this thing some time ago, after observation for days, I had confirmed that the target is the one I had wanted, fitted to the requirements of the case I wanted. And now I will have a strategy to acquire it, the planning takes around 2 years, where access to Australia MAY be available to me and I would move in to the best possible position and reason for me to get it.

For people who were still confused on what I am saying, this is what I mean, LoL:

I saw a N82 and my attention was caught on that since 2 months ago.
The stats of the phone fits my requirements (which involves a lot of game installing) and extra applications. The most important point is that it is a S60 3rd edition phone, since all the applications I had collected for my previous lost phone are that edition, I could reuse all of the applications. Maybe in 2 years time I may get to Australia to do my honors or masters if I could still hang on. When I got to Australia then I need to register for phone service, thats when I will move in and choose that phone. The plans may change though, and the target could sway away~~


Hani said...

I prefer sony ericsson :D

Shiphire said...

I am a nokia preferer for some unknown reason.
I like its computer like interface.