Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Call of Duty 4!! Hamachi!!

After days and days of trying to find a bot for CoD4, I found a Hamachi!

Really, I dunno whatza hamachi till mow, ain't me out of date?

But my pc just kept disconnecting on the hamachi for some unknown reason, it takes 20 minutus to connect and it would just stay alive for around 10 minutes...

I think Streamyx contributed on those, LoL~

Now the hamachi has stabilised and I am constantly connected to it.
But I ended up not using it, I find those cracked servers instead, which needs no hamachi.

If you are using 1.5, is a nice 1.
If its a 1.4, then is for you, though has lesser player.

Edit [23 April]
After posting this site for almost 3 months and people are still coming in.
Just to add this website:

This link consists of private servers for call of duty.

Update 17 May: 28960 seems to be unavailable anymore.
Use instead.

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