Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Car accident!! Not me!!!

This afternoon (at around 1.15pm) I saw a police car sped to the highway outlet, which I am heading towards. Then he sped through and horn his siren at the school area, since it is congested for people to make way for him. Then he ran out of my sight. Then I drove to a junction, weirdly it is ultimately congested. Seconds later I saw the police parking a few meters from the junction, which a car accident has occurred. On my assumption the car on the coming to ward lane turned too fast before the car from the going forward lane had passed, as I evaluated the damage on the car and the screech marks on the road. Seems that no one is hurt though.

Drivers now adays are becoming less patient and more raged! Kinda includes my though, especially when I am stressed out or angry.

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