Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tagging? 1st time.

I’ve been tagged by Selfobliged. I dunno what else to do, so I'll just post to 5 person I guess...

list the original link plus 5 additional link from me. And the 5 additional link that I have listed need to list 5 links of their own.
Means that the link will grow exponentially 5,25,125…+ until infinity
By doing this will help you to gain your rank Technorati, PageRank and many more.


  1. The Strategist Notebook
  2. Link Addiction
  3. Ardour of the Heart
  4. When Life Becomes a Book
  5. The Malaysian Life
  7. What goes under the sun
  8. Ubuntu For Malaysian
  9. Arsenal Malaysia
  10. Malaysian Computer Technical Blog
  11. TeqEdge
  12. Qubix Blog
  13. Silent Blogger
  14. Senyuman Sedekah
  15. Teranung.blogspot
  16. Aku tetap aku
  18. Selfobliged [D]ot [C]om
  19. Jessica
  20. Soul_krasty
  21. Emphbone
  22. Shiphire
  23. Eddy

New Victims:
1. Adrian Choy
2. Joe-hg
3. Kavi
4. Lina
5. Su Lynn
6. Speedcat


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hey, I'll add you to my blogroll and do this "tag" meme too. Lot's of blogs that I've never heard of.

See you later,
Speedcat Hollydale

Speedcat Hollydale said...

It is done!!! :-)