Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monash cafeteria.. My foot!

Monash cafeteria is one of the worse cafeterias that I had encountered in my life, even the cafeteria in my primary school could PWN it!

Monash cafeteria consists of several hawker stalls and a beverage seller. The hawkers are peoples came from random place which could afford the intense rent of the cafeteria, which is none of my business here.

One of the stall known as "Fresh Mixed Meals", it is one of the worse stall I had encounter in the cafeteria.

For a fried rice, a chicken (not drumstick), and 2 eggs, they charged me for MYR7.50. Damn that hawker, now that I had leant my lesson, I would spread the words of their @#$% pricing.

That guy stated to me that the chicken worth MYR3 when I am paying, normally a piece of chicken would costs at maximum, MYR2.

And their eggs, each of them costs MYR1! Just the eggs and chicken costs MYR5, means the crap salt spamming fried rice costs a freakin' MYR 2.50!

I had learned my lesson, and hope that other Monash students would read what had happened to me and avoid that crap store. Guess that in the new semester, they would target new intakes and rob their wallet daylight.

Another thing I noticed in Monash is that there are lots of place in Monash are cheaply constructed. Cracks could be noticed everywhere, and this buildings had only been a year. The air conditioner starts leaking randomly and while I was annoyingly eating my over-priced meal, the air conditioner directly on top of me leaked, and the water gets into my food (not to mention that it dripped on my head too).

Cracked walls

Maybe these are the sign that someone had been either cutting costs or somehow the money vanished in some place.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Things that makes you 感动!

Check this out!

A beggar donates his money to help the victims in China..
Its a very nice that someone could think of other before themselves.

By the way, the site is in Chinese.

Beggar donates RMB105

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Multiple Traffic red light!! 21 May 2008

Today is a very stressful day, and I had to rush for lots of assignments.
Putting this aside, today while driving home, I encounter a junction which lots of people ignores the red light. There are about 10 cars passing through the red light from a each junction.

This car is from my side of the lane, the driver ignores the light and just go through when he notice that there is no car.
This white car tried to imitate the previous car, unfortunately the yellow car in front are having its turn to move, the ignorance of the white car causing both car to stuck in the middle of the lane for a while.
The white car passed and the cars on the opposite lane are having their turn.
Now is the turn for my lane, and the light is green, the cars from the opposite lane still want to take their chance, and continue to proceed, ignoring the cars on my side of the lane.

These drivers are kind of typical ignorant Malaysian drivers, where rules are ignored and "panda" could be bribed, enhancing the risk of traffic accident and increasing the death toll.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

@#$% magic!

This @#$% guy are doing some @#$% magic! Brace yourself with laughter!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GEN rush over.. But the future is clouded...

Genetics report rush over..
Basically its hard because it is so hard to understand and everything seems crumbled up.

Talked to the professor about future career and he clearly stated that in the future after having masters, there will be minimal social life. Means if I don't have a girlfriend with me after I get honors or masters, I would have a large chance of being a bachelor for the rest of my life..

Hope that that does not happens. Will draw a picture and update this post, LoL~

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sakae Sushi!

Watched Ironman today!!
The movie is damn cool! Recommended for everyone!!

Later at 3, the disbanded gang gone to Sakae Sushi.
They charge at MYR25++ per person for student price for their buffet.
Though later after adding the drinks, it divided to MYR31 per person.
Their buffet is kinda unfair. They only allow us to take cheap stuffs, if the plate is red, they will charge them normally.. Damn managers! (I took managing last time.. They have lots of skills under their sleeves.)

Their food.. overall is just nice. According to Joe, within the limitation of the buffet he thinks that the soft shell crab is the best. It tastes quite nice actually, its worth a try. Other stuffs are normal.. Or should I say.. the ingredients content are noticeably thinner than sushi king.