Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Multiple Traffic red light!! 21 May 2008

Today is a very stressful day, and I had to rush for lots of assignments.
Putting this aside, today while driving home, I encounter a junction which lots of people ignores the red light. There are about 10 cars passing through the red light from a each junction.

This car is from my side of the lane, the driver ignores the light and just go through when he notice that there is no car.
This white car tried to imitate the previous car, unfortunately the yellow car in front are having its turn to move, the ignorance of the white car causing both car to stuck in the middle of the lane for a while.
The white car passed and the cars on the opposite lane are having their turn.
Now is the turn for my lane, and the light is green, the cars from the opposite lane still want to take their chance, and continue to proceed, ignoring the cars on my side of the lane.

These drivers are kind of typical ignorant Malaysian drivers, where rules are ignored and "panda" could be bribed, enhancing the risk of traffic accident and increasing the death toll.


ZH Ong said...

Nice meeting another Malaysian blogger!

Patti said...

Wow, Malaysia. I was wondering where an American could get away with disobeying traffic laws & not get creamed!

Petula Wright said...

Wow, that's worse than here! Patti, I was thinking the same thing. One or two cars may make it through a red light at the very first second, but after that you can forget it.