Friday, August 27, 2010

Alien(ware) is coming for me!! I will be the one doing the probing though.

After my previous post about Final Fantasy XIV, I realized that my 3 year old laptop is not going to do well in future gaming, hence I ordered an Alienware M17x with the latest i7 processor and CrossFire graphic cards. 6 more days of anticipation! Hope that Dell does not delay its arrival. Also hoping that my Alienware would not be defective. It is kind of worrying as there are many cases about related to Alienware productions, such as bad LCD screens, flickering screens, creaking palm rest, Blue screens, Bricking etc.

Will review it or take photos of the unboxing of Alienware M17x when I got it. Hope that it arrives in one piece though.

Laptop custom clearance granted after 3 days.(Friday-Monday)).
Currently arrived in Australian Main Hub.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta! Mine!

I've been granted a beta account for Final Fantasy XIV Beta!
Installed it and take a whole day to update it.

The graphics of this game is supremely amazing and the character customization are quite versatile, similar to Dragon Age: Origins though. The movement are quite similar with Dragon Age too, WASD normally, and when you hold your right mouse button, you can navigate with it, same as Dragon Age. Te playing style is similar to Cabal Online where the character will only attack when you press on the hotkeys. Overall, the graphics are amazing.

The only bad thing is that my laptop is ancient, bought 3 years ago with mid specs, causing the frameskip of the game to be 18 or less, which causes alot of problems while walking and trying to click on things.

Conclusion: Stunning graphics + Interactivity + Storyline = Good game.
This game is worth buying, but its graphic supremacy will cause a number of low-spec users to shy away.

I am planning to get Alienware 17' as soon as there are promotion for it. Hope that I could get one soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Explanation of PD (Pupillary Distance) and the use of it, Sponsored by ZenniOpticals

Firstly I will explain the meaning of Pupillary distance (PD). PD is the distance between the centers of the pupils. The PD is used to align the lenses to eliminate the excessive misalignment since there are different choices of frames, which will affect the focus of the lens. Higher prescription will have more effect on the unwanted horizontal prism.

The information used was cited from:
Aitken, S., (2007) Back to basics in dispensing: Pupillary distance measurement. The Optician, 233, 18-20.

This post was sponsored my ZenniOptical, the #1 online eyeglasses store, providing services at affordable price, taking into account of details, such as Pupillary Distance of the customers.

As for the basic step of security and authenticity of an online store, this online store was verified and certified by BBB and other sites, which could be accessed on the top right hand corner in that site.

Just a brief overview of the product of this store, this online eyeglasses store has large choices of frames, price ranging from $8 to $30. A basic prescription Eyeglasses would just cost $8.00, and it could be upgraded with premium anti-reflective coating for $4.95 and 7 sunglass colour tint for $4.95.

Message to all Professionals who just started taking into account of PD:
Always declare of what you are going to do and explain the process in detail instead of not telling the customers anything, causing them to shy away or reject it as they are not familiar/insecure with the process.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog content theft monitoring tool

Recently there was a site known as Blog Copy surfaced. It provides services to track posted contents in your blog. When a user copies an image, words, or any diagrams, it will be recorded.

Users would just need to register and get a code to be inserted as a widget, and it will work like a charm.

Blogger who are interested on knowing what their readers copy from their blog could get this widget, then the blog could be monitored of any copying.

Blog Cop​y​