Sunday, August 22, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta! Mine!

I've been granted a beta account for Final Fantasy XIV Beta!
Installed it and take a whole day to update it.

The graphics of this game is supremely amazing and the character customization are quite versatile, similar to Dragon Age: Origins though. The movement are quite similar with Dragon Age too, WASD normally, and when you hold your right mouse button, you can navigate with it, same as Dragon Age. Te playing style is similar to Cabal Online where the character will only attack when you press on the hotkeys. Overall, the graphics are amazing.

The only bad thing is that my laptop is ancient, bought 3 years ago with mid specs, causing the frameskip of the game to be 18 or less, which causes alot of problems while walking and trying to click on things.

Conclusion: Stunning graphics + Interactivity + Storyline = Good game.
This game is worth buying, but its graphic supremacy will cause a number of low-spec users to shy away.

I am planning to get Alienware 17' as soon as there are promotion for it. Hope that I could get one soon.

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