Friday, August 27, 2010

Alien(ware) is coming for me!! I will be the one doing the probing though.

After my previous post about Final Fantasy XIV, I realized that my 3 year old laptop is not going to do well in future gaming, hence I ordered an Alienware M17x with the latest i7 processor and CrossFire graphic cards. 6 more days of anticipation! Hope that Dell does not delay its arrival. Also hoping that my Alienware would not be defective. It is kind of worrying as there are many cases about related to Alienware productions, such as bad LCD screens, flickering screens, creaking palm rest, Blue screens, Bricking etc.

Will review it or take photos of the unboxing of Alienware M17x when I got it. Hope that it arrives in one piece though.

Laptop custom clearance granted after 3 days.(Friday-Monday)).
Currently arrived in Australian Main Hub.

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imelda said...

good luck and pls visit me back, friend