Friday, January 25, 2008

Things done on 25 January

Once again gone out with Adrian and Joe.

Reached at campus at 8, WAITED to 9 only Joe came, and he still needs to find his lecturer to do something.

Then I drive us to Sunway Pyramid. After buying some breads, we walked like @#$% bored till 11.00 only wanna go into movie.

After handing the tickets to the @#$% ticket receiver, she says says no outside food allowed in. @#$% her!We decided to stuff our breads into our pocket and walk through.
After Stuffing our stuffs, I can't find the ticket!!
We decided to go the the same corner where we stuffed our foods into our pockets to take them out and check our pockets.
Finally only I found that I had instinctively took the tickets and place it to my pocket.

Later after 2 shows, we all head to Shanq's uncle's cafe to have a sip.
Things are going right, till later, while fetching Joe and Adrian to the station, the Fartin' Joe farted in my car. One of the thing I hate in my life is that people are not respectfully of my items.
Pissed me off.

Lesson learned:
1. Don't try to sneak outside food into cinema unless you have a backpack or freakin big pockets.
2. Put a list of what people should not do in your car. Especially things that would piss you off till you could not concentrate on driving and will kill all of them. Including the culprit and the innocent inhalers (In this case, death before crash, suffocate till death.)
3. Freakin scold them shit when they are suggesting shits.

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Oliverdt said...

Wow what a freak'n story I'm still laughing when I wrote this comment. Big LOL my friend, you have a very good sense of humour I like your story. I'm still freak'n LOL right now, I cant stop it, specially the part that your friend joe fart in your car. I just can't imagine what is the news when you had a car accident because of joes fart suffocated the driver hahaha. hahahaah hahahah....