Monday, January 12, 2009

Europe Tour Day 2 and 3

Just want to get over with this, it seems that it too troublesome to separate it to parts. I am just plain lazy, LoL.

Day 2 is plain boring, LoL~ Just get over with it with some snack's photo.
Pocky (chocolate or strawberry sticks)lovers should find no problem without their addictive sticks. They are found in Europe regions too, LoL.

Here are the evidence of existence of "pocky", LoL. Came in a different name, same company though... maybe.

The second day, went to Mountain Titlis, a skiing mountain. Its covered in natural snow apparently. Its damn cold, almost got frostbite when I handle the snow on my hands for an extended period. Like other people says, it felt like thousand needles.

Skiing mountain view.

Mountain view from the edge.

Dug a hole, draw a picture instantly and put the paper in. Prove of Shiphire has been there, LoL~

The day ended with a cup of Starbucks Chocolate. Forgot to take a picture of the chocolate though, heh.

Start the next day with Starbucks Christmas special cherry latte and toffe nut latte.

Toffe nut latte~ Not as good as the one I get in Genting Highland (肯定害人).

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