Saturday, April 12, 2008

My car got @#$%-up by a @#$%ing taxi!

Friday, after a movie in Sunway Pyramid, I was driving my friend back to his apartment. A freakin taxi tried to overtake my car which is NOT MOVING and rammed into the right side of my car.

The taxi driver then parked on the side of the road, demanding that he is very busy and wanted me to report to the police, where I did today at Saturday. But I made him wait for a deserving half an hour for my parents to come to oversee the situation.

But he don't want to admit that he is the wrong person here, though the evidence on my car is obvious that he is the wrong one though.

From the scratch made on his side bumper, a specialist (which I doubt their existence in my country) could see that from his car, the scratch is made from left to right, meaning that he is overtaking me when the scratch is being made.

Now I hope that the police guy I am going to meet in the coming week is a specialist where he can see the sign of the scratch. In case hat taxi guy do some "remodeling" on his car, I still have TONS of pictures of my car AND his car.

Lets see who win this battle.

Wish me luck guys.

Oh And by the way, decided to put a "simulation" on what had happened on that time when the accident happened.
On this picture shows the condition before the accident. There are cars moving on the junction, making the lorry to stop, me and the taxi are now currently on the same lane.

Now the lorry is gone, but the taxi was so eager to move that he wanted to overtake me.

A few second before the accident. My car is still stationary since I notice that the taxi is trying to overtake me.

The taxi turns in too much and scratch my car, resulting into the 1st image of my car I had posted on this post.

Well.. Now you guys have an idea of the situation, you could judge who is the guilty one here.


AdrianC said...

wow thats a totally fcked up taxi driver. WRONG still want to blame people. COMPLAIN TO HIS TAXI COMPANY!

AdrianC said...

wow thats one f-ed up tacxi driver! Wron still dont want to admit. I think hes probably rushing to get his business. COMPLAIN! SUE HIS ARSE OFF!