Friday, March 28, 2008

Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen

On the previous post, Monash "caught" fire, and after returning to the library to do some work, I met with emocha, which "@#$%" coincidentally wearing a green shirt and dark pants too..

After working on the reports again, decided to come to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch and continue working there. Emo decided to go to Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen since they have wifi provided, LoL.

We are having different set lunch, Mine is a lamb shank, with mushroom soup, Green Tea and a pudding like substance as desert. As for emo, he is having seafood pasta, with a red vegetable soup which I had forgot the name, peppermint tea and a tiramisu.

Here's the pictures, LoL~

By the way, I am using their wifi service to blog this post too.

Man I @#$ as a blogger, can't recall any of the name of stuffs.

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