Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Phone damage!!

Today I scratched my phone.. Kinda severely.

The scar extends up to 5cm, such a pain!
And it is still less than 1 month! Why would n't they make a hard cover for it!!! Why can't they?!?!?

It really hurts when I notice that my phone got scratched..

Btw, the nokia service center demand me to format my phote just to get the panoman application, and the head phone reboot thingy has not been fixed too...

And last week my desktop brokedown.

Getting more and more problems.


Nux V said...

oh kesiannya!

time to buy a new one! wuahahaha

Ambrosiality said...

ugh that really blows!

I also want to strangle my phone because I can't increase the volume, so my ringtone & calls are stuck on mid volume.

I love the song by Akon playing on your imeem