Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nokia problem occured... AND SOLVED!!! WAHAHA!

Few days ago my Nokia N82 had some problems, and smartmovie does not respond, and everytime I try to run it, the black screen of horror will appear on my N82 and seconds later the phone would go back to the main menu.

At the same time, the image and videos on my phone can't be viewed on the Gallery for some unknown reason.

I at first reset my phone to factory settings, which does not help, then I tried a hard reset, which still does not help.

After backing up my memory card and formatted it, everything came back to normal!
I think the culprit for all those reason is the memory card.

So to all people who had the black screen of death while trying to run smartmovie or can;t view image or video in the gallery, I suggest formatting the memory card.

Oh and 1 thing which is unrelated. Dell once said that the SDHC card does not work on their inspiron 1520, but weirldly my N82 which uses a 4Gb SDHC micro Sd card, which I had not noticed that is a SDHC worked in it, LoL~

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