Sunday, March 2, 2008


I've got a new phone at 29 February, only now I decided to post about it, LoL~

Its kinda cool, it looks like metal when the light illuminates on it, but when you look at it closely, the plasticky feature would be easily noticed though.

Tried it xenon camera, and it kinda own! Took picture at a dark place and it looks just as bright when it is morning.. kinda..

One of the best thing I had checked out is the GPS thingy!
Looked at it from Mid Valley to my house, and the GPS pin points quite exactly, even small roads and the street in front of my house is listed, LoL~

The D-pad is kinda weird at 1st, but I adapted to its style in an hour or two.
And I had upgraded its memory card from 2Gb to 4Gb, but this causes some lost of the free program. It should have a panoman program to take panorama pictures, and it was lost. Must find that guy and try to take back the program. Its a waste to not take advantages of free things, and panoman is not a freeware.

But I still kept wondering why Nokia wanna take out the "pen" key.

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