Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Results out.. Is killing myself an option?

The result of the course I had taken on last summer is out. It came out a day before the designated date. And I just got a pass for it, though it was an elective.

Felt relieved but also felt like shit at the same time. Felt relieved that I was able to pass this @#$% memorizing unit but felt like shit if I were to compare to other student and my sister, where they manage to get good results for it.

And got double lectured by my parents, each continuing to lecture like 接力赛.

Aww man.. I really had play too much on the summer time.

Wish that I would spend more time on my studies from now on..
I wonder how many time I had that thought and failed to achieve it.

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Canny Har™ said...

I miss the time in college.. LOL..
Great that u great a Pass instead of "F"!