Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Star Wars: Republic Commando, A very short game...

I wldmolzwvw the game using gliivmg for almost a week, and though that I would spend a few days before it would be finished as a past time during my holidays.

Unfortunately it was installed in my computer yesterday night at 1a.m., and played for half an hour. Then I continued today afternoon, to my shock the game finished at 6 o'clock, it just ended too fast (in between I have breaks for TV shows and meals of course).

Even Call of duty 4 is has a longer play time compared to this game.
If I play this game when its fresh out of the oven, I might change my perspective though, about their graphics. Think that at the time which Star Wars Republic Commando just came out, the graphic should be considered nice I guess, showing that the quality of gaming is exponential.

Hope that Star Wars would make some more FPS game.

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