Monday, February 11, 2008

In dream realization

Wonder that when you slept, would you realize that it was a dream, and could control what you are dreaming?

I did it today morning, but the way was I realise that it was a dream is kinda LoL .

As the last post said, I has lost my Nokia 3250 phone about half year ago, and this is the source of me realizing that it was a dream.

While dreaming, I took out that lost phone (it occured a few times since I had lost it, and I think that it was haunting me now) to check its time, and somehow I realized that I should had lost it, and the background of my dream is kinda hazy, hence I "woke" in my dream, knowing that I could "control" things which is in my dream. But only for a while, the dream overpowered me and I forgot that I could control it.

Having control your own dream is a very rare occurance, and you could do a lot of things.
Hope that everyone would have a chance to have a dream like this, LoL.

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