Friday, February 22, 2008

Razer pro|tone m100!!!!!

I've bought a Razer pro|tone m100!!!
If you read my previous post, you would know that I had gone to Sunway with my friends.

While waiting for the "gatherers", we walked into a machines shop, its a shop which sells Mac book and some other computer parts. I browsed the earphone section and instantly I noticed this earphone!! I had trying to find a place where they sell this earphone, and unexpectedly I found this here. Without thought I quickly took it and decided that I am buying, knowing that I have enough money, LoL~

After I bought this, I found that they are also selling a Razor Diamondback 3G mouse!!
Too bad I decided to not spend more money, I decided to some here and buy it at another time.

I just opened it and I am now using the earphone while writing this post and the previous post.

I tried to compare this earphone with the Nokia bundled plug-in earphone. I think that it work better compared to the Nokia earphone (obviously, LoL~).

Would try to play CoD4 later with this earphone, to see its effect.

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